March 21, 2014
Mike Trout is more than ready for the 2014 fantasy baseball season to start. Are you?
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

After drafting Ryan Braun at No. 11 overall and snagging underrated shortstop Everth Cabrera in the 8th round, I nearly picked Nelson Cruz to finish my outfield trip, but that would have required a name change to the Biogenesis Bunch. In short, I don't think there'll be much loss in performance from that group. Overall, I was thrilled with my five-man, 28-and-under rotation of Fernandez, Bumgarner, Gonzalez, Cashner and Moore, as it's smart to bet young on the mound. I may be a little light on speed but should mash enough homers and RBIs to compensate.

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