April 08, 2010

MIAMI -- LeBron James says he probably won't slip into a USA Basketball jersey when the U.S. travels to Turkey for the World Championships this summer. Kobe Bryant says that, if healthy, he probably will. Dwyane Wade? He's still not sure. Wade told SI.com on Thursday that he was still wrestling with the possibility of playing for Team USA.

"I'm undecided," said Wade. "There's no question about it."

USA Basketball has been on the tip of everyone's tongue recently after USA hoops czar Jerry Colangelo announced that anyone who skips the world championships without a good reason could lose their spot on the U.S. roster at the 2012 Olympics. Those words have been met by a stiff blowback from players, particularly James, who told reporters that he did not respect Colangelo's statement. Like James, Wade is eligible to be a free agent this summer and says he would like to leave the door open to keep playing. But, Wade says, issues in his personal life will come first.

"I think [Colangelo] understands our loyalty to USA Basketball," said Wade. "We've been playing since 2004. If guys have personal things going on but still want to play [in 2012], I think they should be accepted."

"I have a lot of personal things going on this summer. I would love to compete but I might not be able to because of the personal things in my life. It's no secret that I'm going through a divorce. I have to take care of that. My kids come first. I've given a lot of time to USA Basketball and I think they understand my dedication to it, but the Wade family comes first."

Wade believes that despite the recent publicity over players pulling out, the core group from the 2008 games will all be in London in 2012.

"At the end of the day, we will all be on the same page," said Wade. "Comments are coming from everywhere. No one knows exactly what has been said. There are a lot of things said but we'll get it together when the time comes."

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