December 05, 2011

NBA players will begin voting on the proposed collective bargaining agreement Wednesday afternoon, according to a letter obtained by

With the tentative agreement expected to be ratified and training camps unofficially set to open Friday, the memo from National Basketball Players Association head Billy Hunter to players states that electronic voting will begin at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday and continue until 4 p.m. Thursday. The NBPA will hold a meeting with players in New York on Wednesday to discuss the proposed CBA, as well as a conference call later that evening for those who can not attend. A "detailed term-sheet" of the CBA will be e-mailed to players by Wednesday as well.

After the tentative deal between owners and players was reached on Nov. 26, the negotiation of the so-called "B-list" issues was the most daunting obstacle that remained. Yet as Hunter indicated in his letter, it seems clear the deal will be in place in time for a vote.

"Progress on the remaining negotiations has been steady and therefore we will hold a general meeting for all interested players where we will present and explain the terms of the proposed 2011 CBA," he wrote.

The 66-game NBA season is expected to start on Christmas Day, with five games on the holiday docket.

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