February 12, 2010
10 Jason Richardson (2004)
According to Kenny Smith, "That was sick! He's sick! He's got the flu!"
9 Dwight Howard (2008)
The cape lands him an extra point or two.
8 Desmond Mason (2003)
Oh. My. Word.
7 Brent Barry (1996)
See, white men can jump.
6 Michael Jordan (1987)
The Leander.
5 Dominique Wilkins (1990)
There's a reason he was called the Human Highlight Film.
4 Michael Jordan (1988)
Your Airness emulates Dr. J.
3 Spud Webb (1986)
This will give you chills.
2 Julius Erving (1976)
This was where it all started.
1 Vince Carter (2000)
All of his dunks were just mind-blowing -- the 360 windmill, behind the baseline, through the legs and "the elbow." Absolute Vinsanity.

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