May 27, 2010
NBA Draft Big Board: Top 75 Players

Less than a month away from the 2010 NBA draft on June 24, here are the top 75 overall prospects. Bone up on each player's strengths and weaknesses entering the draft process.

    1. 1
    2. <a href=John Wall" title="John Wall"/>
    3. PG
    4. John Wall
    5. Kentucky, Freshman
    6. 6-4, 195, 19 years old

    An exceptionally athletic point guard with great size and natural playmaking instincts, Wall plays with intensity on both ends of the floor and still has a huge upside to grow into. He can score, pass and defend, but must improve his perimeter shooting (32.5 percent from downtown) and cut down on his four turnovers per game to reach his full potential.

    1. 2
    2. <a href=Evan Turner" title="Evan Turner"/>
    3. SG/SF
    4. Evan Turner
    5. Ohio State, Junior
    6. 6-7, 205, 21 years old

    The most versatile player in college basketball, Turner defended four positions for Ohio State while manning the point in Thad Matta's offense -- and still found time to haul in nearly 10 rebounds per game. His smooth mid-range game and unselfishness will allow him to fit in seamlessly on any NBA team's roster.

    1. 3
    2. <a href=Derrick Favors" title="Derrick Favors"/>
    3. PF
    4. Derrick Favors
    5. Georgia Tech, Freshman
    6. 6-10, 246, 18 years old

    A long and athletic big man with superb rebounding and defensive instincts, Favors is the prototype for what NBA teams look for these days in a modern power forward/center. He's still raw offensively (12 ppg in his one college season), but will be productive on both ends of the floor as he continues to mature thanks to his physical tools. He's still only 18 years old.

    1. 4
    2. <a href=DeMarcus Cousins" title="DeMarcus Cousins"/>
    3. C
    4. DeMarcus Cousins
    5. Kentucky, Freshman
    6. 6-11, 270, 19 years old

    A massive physical presence inside the paint with terrific size and length, Cousins ranked as the most productive college player in the past decade as a freshman, with a gigantic 34.4 PER (player efficiency rating). He can score both facing and with his back to the basket, is a phenomenal rebounder and would garner legit consideration for the No. 1 pick if not for his seemingly shaky intangibles. NBA teams worry about how coachable he is and question his conditioning.

    1. 5
    2. <a href=Al-Farouq Aminu" title="Al-Farouq Aminu"/>
    3. SF/PF
    4. Al-Farouq Aminu
    5. Wake Forest, Sophomore
    6. 6-8, 210, 19 years old

    Young and athletic with long arms and terrific rebounding skills, Aminu is the prototype for today's NBA combo forward. He can switch on screens, beat opposing players down the court, put up nearly 11 rebounds per game, and could develop into an All-Star-type talent if his ball-handling skills improve (3.2 turnovers) and he develops some shooting range (27 percent on threes).

    1. 6
    2. <a href=Cole Aldrich" title="Cole Aldrich"/>
    3. C
    4. Cole Aldrich
    5. Kansas, Junior
    6. 6-11, 250, 21 years old

    A physically imposing center with long arms, a strong frame and excellent height. Has strong potential as a rebounder and defender and should be a serviceable role player, but is not much of an offensive presence at 11.3 ppg, and doesn't possess the upside of other big men in this draft.

    1. 7
    2. <a href=Ed Davis" title="Ed Davis"/>
    3. PF
    4. Ed Davis
    5. North Carolina, Sophomore
    6. 6-10, 215, 20 years old

    Long and athletic big man who should be able to see time at both the 4 and 5 spots and projects as a strong defender and rebounder. Has good hands and soft touch, but is fairly raw offensively, averaging just 12.9 ppg. Was not overly productive in college, partially due to an injury that prematurely ended his sophomore season.

    1. 8
    2. <a href=Wesley Johnson" title="Wesley Johnson"/>
    3. SF
    4. Wesley Johnson
    5. Syracuse, RS Junior
    6. 6-7, 195, 22 years old

    Athletic small forward with good size. Accurate perimeter shooter (41.5 percent from three-point range) who plays unselfishly and is fairly polished on both ends of the floor. Not much of a ball-handler or shot-creator, only got to the free-throw line four times per game, and may not have the upside of other forwards in this draft.

    1. 9
    2. <a href=Ekpe Udoh" title="Ekpe Udoh"/>
    3. PF
    4. Ekpe Udoh
    5. Baylor, RS Junior
    6. 6-10, 240, 23 years old

    Long, fluid, coordinated big man with an excellent feel for the game. Made huge strides offensively and possesses a unique combination of perimeter skills and shot-blocking ability, as well a positive assist-to-turnover ratio. Lacks bulk and a degree of physical toughness, and at 23 is older than most other lottery prospects.

    1. 10
    2. <a href=Patrick Patterson" title="Patrick Patterson"/>
    3. PF
    4. Patrick Patterson
    5. Kentucky, Junior
    6. 6-8, 223, 21 years old

    Highly polished power forward with an NBA body and wingspan. Capable of scoring both facing and with his back to the basket and possesses a nice feel for the game. Ready to contribute immediately and has excellent intangibles. Just an average defensive rebounder (4.3 per game) and more of a complementary piece than a potential star.

    1. 11
    2. <a href=Daniel Orton" title="Daniel Orton"/>
    3. C
    4. Daniel Orton
    5. Kentucky, Freshman
    6. 6-10, 260, 19 years old

    NBA-sized center with terrific length and girth. Was not very productive in limited minutes at Kentucky, averaging just three points and three rebounds per game, and is certainly a project, but possesses an intriguing skill set on both ends of the floor, particularly as a rebounder and shot-blocker.

    1. 12
    2. <a href=Xavier Henry" title="Xavier Henry"/>
    3. SG
    4. Xavier Henry
    5. Kansas, Freshman
    6. 6-6, 210, 19 years old

    Polished wing player with terrific perimeter shooting ability (42 percent from downtown) and a nice feel for the game. Has an NBA body and the size and length to play either wing position. Just an average ball-handler, Henry doesn't share the upside of some of the other freshmen in this class, but is more of a sure thing at the same time.

    1. 13
    2. <a href=Greg Monroe" title="Greg Monroe"/>
    3. PF/C
    4. Greg Monroe
    5. Georgetown, Sophomore
    6. 6-11, 240, 19 years old

    Polished and intelligent big man with the size and frame of a center but the skill set of a power forward. Excellent passer with a terrific feel for the game. Will be a great fit for certain NBA offenses with his 3.8 assists per game. Lacks great athleticism and must improve off-hand and perimeter shooting.

    1. 14
    2. <a href=Donatas Motiejunas " title="Donatas Motiejunas "/>
    3. PF/C
    4. Donatas Motiejunas
    5. Benetton Treviso (Italy), 1990 International
    6. 7-0, 215, 19 years old

    Fluid, talented European big man with terrific skills offensively. Can create his own shot, has excellent footwork and possesses soft touch around the basket. Lacks toughness and must improve his rebounding and defensive ability.

    1. 15
    2. Damion James
    3. SF/PF
    4. Damion James
    5. Texas, Senior
    6. 6-7, 225, 22 years old

    Tough, aggressive player with solid offensive ability and double-digit rebounding averages. Can make shots from the perimeter (38 percent on threes) and has improved his ball-handling skills and defensive ability. Not terribly polished despite his senior status, may be somewhat stuck between the forward positions.

    1. 16
    2. Stanley Robinson
    3. SF/PF
    4. Stanley Robinson
    5. Connecticut, Senior
    6. 6-9, 225, 21 years old

    Super long and athletic forward who excels in transition and can defend multiple positions. Should thrive on an up-tempo NBA team. Average ball-handler and perimeter shooter (34 percent from three-point range) who tends to coast from game to game and possession to possession. Has considerable upside, but many question his intangibles.

    1. 17
    2. Solomon Alabi
    3. C
    4. Solomon Alabi
    5. Florida State, RS Sophomore
    6. 7-1, 251, 22 years old

    Long, mobile big man with excellent defensive potential. Runs the floor well, can block shots and plays hard. Very raw on the offensive end (11.7 ppg) and not a great rebounder (6.2 rpg). Surprisingly good free throw shooter at 80 percent. Has had some injury problems already in his career, but has a strong work ethic and excellent intangibles.

    1. 18
    2. Hassan Whiteside
    3. PF/C
    4. Hassan Whiteside
    5. Marshall, Freshman
    6. 7-0, 235, 20 years old

    Incredibly talented freshman big man with supreme shot-blocking skills and a developing offensive game. Has terrific height, length and athleticism, and combines that with phenomenal timing to alter and reject shots, finishing second in the NCAA behind Jarvis Varnado. NBA teams question his work ethic, maturity and intensity level, and wonder if he possesses the intangibles to reach his extremely high ceiling.

    1. 19
    2. <a href=Larry Sanders" title="Larry Sanders"/>
    3. PF
    4. Larry Sanders
    5. VCU, Junior
    6. 6-11, 205, 21 years old

    Physically gifted power forward with improving offensive skills. Has an unbelievable wingspan which gives him terrific potential as a shot-blocker and rebounder. Excels in transition and finishing around the basket. Needs to improve versatility offensively, and fundamentals defensively. Started playing late and has a big upside to continue to develop.

    1. 20
    2. Willie Warren
    3. SG
    4. Willie Warren
    5. Oklahoma, Sophomore
    6. 6-4, 200, 20 years old

    Talented shot-creator and overall perimeter scorer. Can get to the rim, pull up off the dribble and make shots in impressive fashion. Has great scoring instincts and should thrive in the wide-open style of the NBA. Undersized for the 2 and clearly not a point guard. Was very inconsistent from beyond the arc at 31 percent. Stock dropped dramatically after a disappointing season both on and off the court.

    1. 21
    2. <a href=James Anderson" title="James Anderson"/>
    3. PG/SG
    4. James Anderson
    5. Oklahoma State, Junior
    6. 6-4, 205, 21 years old

    Prolific scoring wing player who will excel in an NBA half-court offense. Terrific moving off the ball and making shots from the perimeter. Has good size and excellent scoring instincts. Average ball-handler who may struggle to defend on the perimeter. Doesn't have huge upside, but should fit in nicely into a playoff team's rotation.

    1. 22
    2. Dominique Jones
    3. PG/SG
    4. Dominique Jones
    5. South Florida, Junior
    6. 6-4, 205, 21 years old

    Extremely aggressive shot-creator/scorer who gets to the free throw line at will, nearly 10 times per game. Possesses a terrific frame and length, allowing him to see minutes at either backcourt position. Outstanding defender who can guard multiple positions. Must improve perimeter shooting (31 percent from beyond the arc) and cut down on turnovers.

    1. 23
    2. <a href=Gordon Hayward" title="Gordon Hayward"/>
    3. PF
    4. Gordon Hayward
    5. Butler, Junior
    6. 6-8, 200, 20 years old

    Versatile small forward with good size and an excellent basketball IQ. Has a very nice looking shooting stroke, but struggled mightily from three-point range this season, shooting 29 percent. Very good passer who can create shots for both himself and others off the dribble. Competitive guy who must add weight to his frame over next few years. May struggle to defend the perimeter due to his average strength and lateral quickness.

    1. 24
    2. <a href=Miroslav Raduljica " title="Miroslav Raduljica "/>
    3. C
    4. Miroslav Raduljica
    5. KK FMP Zeleznik (Serbia), 1988 International
    6. 7-0, 230, 22 years old

    Physically impressive big man with excellent strength and above average mobility. Considered by many to be one of the most promising young centers in Europe. Possesses solid back-to-the-basket skills, an improving jump shot and a good basketball IQ. Just an average defender and rebounder, as he's not a freakish athlete. How interested he is in playing in the NBA is a question mark.

    1. 25
    2. <a href=Kevin Seraphin" title="Kevin Seraphin"/>
    3. PF/C
    4. Kevin Seraphin
    5. Cholet (France), 1989 International
    6. 6-9, 258, 20 years old

    Long, athletic center with an NBA body and outstanding potential as a rebounder/defender. Only sees about 15 minutes per game on the best team in France, and is not terribly productive offensively (6 ppg). Only started playing basketball five years ago and has big upside to continue to improve.

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