May 27, 2010
NBA Draft Big Board: Top 75 Players

Less than a month away from the 2010 NBA draft on June 24, here are the top 75 overall prospects. Bone up on each player's strengths and weaknesses entering the draft process.

    1. 26
    2. <a href=Quincy Pondexter" title="Quincy Pondexter"/>
    3. SF
    4. Quincy Pondexter
    5. Washington, Senior
    6. 6-6, 220, 22 years old

    Super athletic wing player who plays hard on both ends of the floor. Sports a chiseled frame, long arms and excellent explosiveness. Shines first and foremost on the defensive end, where his physical tools and competitiveness will allow him to excel in the NBA. Crashes the glass, posts up, and has improved his perimeter jumper somewhat (35 percent from three). Must continue to work on his ball-handling skills and all-around offensive polish.

    1. 27
    2. <a href=Paul George" title="Paul George"/>
    3. SF/PF
    4. Paul George
    5. Fresno State, Sophomore
    6. 6-7, 185, 20 years old

    Smooth, athletic wing with impressive perimeter-shooting ability and considerable upside. Talented player who is somewhat of an enigma. Late bloomer who was not heavily recruited out of high school. Struggled to win games at Fresno State, looking very inconsistent from game to game. Lacks experience and possesses just an average feel for the game.

    1. 28
    2. <a href=Elliot Williams" title="Elliot Williams"/>
    3. SG
    4. Elliot Williams
    5. Memphis, Sophomore
    6. 6-4, 175, 20 years old

    Athletic lefty combo guard with the size to play either backcourt position. Very aggressive slasher who has improved his perimeter shooting as of late. Smart, serious, competitive guy with considerable upside to improve. Must continue to work on off hand, mid-range game and all-around polish.

    1. 29
    2. Devin Ebanks
    3. SF/PF
    4. Devin Ebanks
    5. West Virginia, Sophomore
    6. 6-8, 205, 20 years old

    Combo forward with good size and solid athleticism. Defensive specialist who can guard multiple positions, and shows a nice feel for the game. Raw offensive player (12 ppg) who must improve his perimeter shooting (10 percent three-point shooting) and ball-handling skills. Has potential, but did not improve this year and has numerous question marks about his intangibles.

    1. 30
    2. <a href=Eric Bledsoe" title="Eric Bledsoe"/>
    3. PG/SG
    4. Eric Bledsoe
    5. Kentucky, Freshman
    6. 6-1, 190, 19 years old

    Long, athletic combo guard with a great frame and excellent competitiveness. Solid in transition. Decent spot-up shooter (38 percent three-point shooting). Average ball-handler and playmaker who lacks experience running the point and averaged more turnovers than assists. Has plenty of room to improve, but may not be ready to play for a while.

    1. 31
    2. <a href=Avery Bradley" title="Avery Bradley"/>
    3. PG/SG
    4. Avery Bradley
    5. Texas, Freshman
    6. 6-3, 180, 19 years old

    Quick, long combo guard with solid perimeter shooting skills and a defensive-oriented mentality. Excels in transition and plays with great aggressiveness. Can make shots from beyond the arc and possesses a stupendous mid-range game. Terrific on-ball defender. Not a point guard at all, but lacks the size to play the 2. Wasn't much of a scorer at Texas (11.6 ppg) and got to the free-throw line less than twice per game.

    1. 32
    2. Gani Lawal
    3. PF
    4. Gani Lawal
    5. Georgia Tech, Junior
    6. 6-8, 233, 21 years old

    Athletic big man with good size and length. Plays hard and is a productive rebounder and defender. Possesses an average feel for the game and lacks significant polish offensively. May be better suited playing the center position, but lacks the height to do so on both ends.

    1. 33
    2. Jerome Randle
    3. PG
    4. Jerome Randle
    5. California, Senior
    6. 5-10, 160, 22 years old

    Severely undersized point guard with terrific quickness. Natural playmaker with excellent court vision and a very good feel for the game. Also a capable scorer with deep range on his jump-shot, making 46 percent of his three-pointers as a junior and 93 percent of his free throws as a senior. NBA teams question whether he has the size to play in the NBA, particularly on the defensive end.

    1. 34
    2. Mikhail Torrance
    3. PG/SG
    4. Mikhail Torrance
    5. Alabama, Senior
    6. 6-5, 210, 21 years old

    Big, athletic point guard who emerged as a serious draft prospect at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. Excellent slasher who can really create his own shot and is very good on the pick-and-roll. Capable shooter as well. Was inconsistent in college and is fairly turnover-prone. Only 21 and still has plenty of upside.

    1. 35
    2. Brian Zoubek
    3. C
    4. Brian Zoubek
    5. Duke, Senior
    6. 7-1, 250, 22 years old

    Massive big man with excellent strength. Tough, strong center who ranks as one of the best per-minute offensive rebounders (7.8 per-40) in the past decade, behind only DeJuan Blair. Contributed significantly to his Duke team winning a national championship. Limited offensively, but understands his role, has a good basketball IQ and really competes. Below-average athlete who has had injury problems in the past.

    1. 36
    2. Sylven Landesberg
    3. SG
    4. Sylven Landesberg
    5. Virginia, Sophomore
    6. 6-6, 185, 20 years old

    Extremely smooth, fluid wing player with intriguing scoring instincts. Can create his own shot from the perimeter, pass the ball intelligently, and make plays in the mid-range. Must improve perimeter shooting range and defensive ability. Nowhere near a finished product, could have definitely benefited from additional seasoning in college.

    1. 37
    2. Pablo Aguilar
    3. PF
    4. Pablo Aguilar
    5. CB Granada (Spain), 1989 International
    6. 6-8, 210, 21 years old

    Tough, aggressive power forward who is undersized but has a nice wingspan. Plays significant minutes in the best domestic league in the world outside of the NBA, and is considered one of the best European players in his age group. Can space the floor with his shooting range and really competes on the defensive end. Not an exceptional athlete, ball-handler or rebounder. Will he ultimately decide to come over?

    1. 38
    2. Artsiom Parakhouski
    3. C
    4. Artsiom Parakhouski
    5. Radford, Senior
    6. 6-11, 260, 22 years old

    Physically impressive center with an NBA body and solid mobility. Highly productive player with strong rebounding skills and plenty of untapped potential. Late bloomer who played at a low level in college and lacks significant experience. Must improve all-around polish on both ends of the floor and overall feel for the game.

    1. 39
    2. Luke Babbitt
    3. SF
    4. Luke Babbitt
    5. Nevada, Sophomore
    6. 6-7, 215, 20 years old

    Exceptionally skilled wing player with deep range and intriguing shot-creating ability. Smart polished player who is one of the better perimeter scorers in this draft, shooting 42 percent from beyond the arc and 92 percent from the free-throw line. Average athlete who played primarily at the 4 in college due to his defensive limitations. Lacks significant lateral quickness and could have a difficult time guarding his position at the NBA level.

    1. 40
    2. Sherron Collins
    3. PG
    4. Sherron Collins
    5. Kansas, Senior
    6. 5-11, 190, 23 years old

    Undersized combo guard with a long resume of clutch scoring for Kansas. Aggressive, experienced player who can make shots from the perimeter, get to the basket or pull up from mid-range. Average defender who has struggled with weight issues throughout his career. Not a prototypical point guard due to his underdeveloped court vision.

    1. 41
    2. Terrico White
    3. PG/SG
    4. Terrico White
    5. Mississippi, Sophomore
    6. 6-5, 211, 20 years old

    Big combo guard with a great frame and terrific athleticism. Talented player with one of the smoothest mid-range jumpers in this draft. Lacks aggressiveness and got to the free-throw line just three times per game. Has a questionable reputation for being able to play the point. Not polished at all and has just an average feel, but has plenty of potential regardless.

    1. 42
    2. Jarvis Varnado
    3. PF
    4. Jarvis Varnado
    5. Mississippi State, Sophomore
    6. 6-9, 210, 22 years old

    Long and athletic big man with a very narrow frame. Ranks as the NCAA's all-time leading shot-blocker. Possesses uncanny timing for altering shots around the basket. Excellent rebounder on top of that. Extremely unpolished offensively. Below average defender outside of his shot-blocking prowess. Must continue to add strength, polish.

    1. 43
    2. Charles Garcia
    3. PF
    4. Charles Garcia
    5. Seattle University, Junior
    6. 6-10, 230, 21 years old

    Physically impressive power forward with excellent size, a terrific frame and very good athleticism. Possesses rare shot-creating and ball-handling skills for a power forward. Regularly takes a rebound coast to coast. Offensive potential is considerable in the right system. Very poor defender. Lacks a great feel for the game and has a plethora of concerns surrounding his intangibles.

    1. 44
    2. Aubrey Coleman
    3. SG
    4. Aubrey Coleman
    5. Houston, Senior
    6. 6-4, 200, 22 years old

    Strong, athletic shooting guard who led the NCAA in scoring at 26 ppg. Carried a bad team on his back all the way to the NCAA tournament. Possesses a terrific mid-range game and is extremely aggressive getting to the basket. Strong defensive potential thanks to his physical tools and anticipation. Late bloomer who lacks significant polish operating in a team concept. Not a great long-range shooter at just 32 percent from beyond the arc.

    1. 45
    2. <a href=Jordan Crawford" title="Jordan Crawford"/>
    3. PG
    4. Jordan Crawford
    5. Xavier, RS Sophomore
    6. 6-4, 195, 21 years old

    Above-average athlete with an aggressive scoring mentality. One of the darlings of the NCAA tournament after his 32-point effort in an overtime loss to Kansas State. Can create his own shot, pull up off the dribble or make shots from the perimeter (39 percent three-point shooting). Average defender. Shows poor body language and can look a bit selfish at times.

    1. 46
    2. Armon Johnson
    3. PG/SG
    4. Armon Johnson
    5. Nevada, Junior
    6. 6-3, 195, 21 years old

    Long and athletic combo guard with terrific physical tools and plenty of upside. Speedy, aggressive shot-creator who can get to the rim and finish. Very good in transition. Not as effective in the half-court. Just an average shooter at 24 percent from three-point range. Must continue to improve playmaking ability, as he's fairly turnover-prone.

    1. 47
    2. Darington Hobson
    3. SF/PF
    4. Darington Hobson
    5. New Mexico, Junior
    6. 6-7, 205, 22 years old

    Skilled, productive forward with below-average athleticism for his position. Skilled player with strong ball-handling and playmaking skills, who pulled down over nine rebounds per game. Likes to have ball in his hands and has the basketball IQ to make plays for teammates, to the tune of 4.6 assists. May struggle to translate his productivity from the Mountain West Conference level to the NBA in a significantly smaller role. Defensive potential appears to be limited.

    1. 48
    2. Craig Brackins
    3. PF
    4. Craig Brackins
    5. Iowa State, Sophomore
    6. 6-10, 230, 22 years old

    Power forward with a good wingspan, an underdeveloped frame and average athleticism. Perimeter-oriented big man who likes to shoot three-pointers and turnaround jumpers. Skilled player with nice scoring instincts and good touch. Average rebounder who seems to lack intensity at times and is not efficient offensively (42 percent from the field). Not much of a defender. Much older than most players in his class, which may limit his upside.

    1. 49
    2. Jerome Jordan
    3. C
    4. Jerome Jordan
    5. Tulsa, Senior
    6. 7-0, 235, 23 years old

    Tall, long, mobile center who is clearly not a finished product. Raw offensive player who has improved his ability to score with his back to the basket and make shots from mid-range. Has solid potential as a rebounder and shot-blocker thanks to his physical tools. Lacks toughness and intensity at times. May struggle to defend his position in the NBA. Must continue to bulk up, add experience and improve all-around polish.

    1. 50
    2. Dexter Pittman
    3. C
    4. Dexter Pittman
    5. Texas, Senior
    6. 6-10, 310, 22 years old

    Exceptionally strong big man who struggled with weight issues throughout his career. Has nimble feet in the post and solid offensive rebounding ability. Very efficient at 65 percent from the field. Not exceptionally versatile and will likely struggle on the defensive end. Confidence seems to waver significantly from game to game. Started season off strong, but was not productive at all down the stretch. Played only 19 minutes per game.

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