May 27, 2010
NBA Draft Big Board: Top 75 Players

Less than a month away from the 2010 NBA draft on June 24, here are the top 75 overall prospects. Bone up on each player's strengths and weaknesses entering the draft process.

    1. 51
    2. <a href=Trevor Booker" title="Trevor Booker"/>
    3. PF
    4. Trevor Booker
    5. Clemson, Senior
    6. 6-7, 215, 22 years old

    Undersized power forward with fabulous length and athleticism. Extremely tough, aggressive player who brings great intensity when dialed in. Not particularly polished offensively, must continue to improve perimeter shooting (27 percent three-point shooting, 59 percent from the line) and ball-handling skills. Productivity wavered significantly in college. Lack of size is clearly a concern.

    1. 52
    2. <a href=Alexey Shved" title="Alexey Shved"/>
    3. PG
    4. Alexey Shved
    5. Dynamo Moscow (Russia), 1988 International
    6. 6-5, 161, 21 years old

    Big, fluid, talented point guard. Skilled and athletic playmaker who boasts exceptional creativity with the ball in his hands. Below-average defender who must continue to add strength and improve toughness and consistency. Could be much better suited to the American style of play.

    1. 53
    2. Robin Benzing
    3. SF
    4. Robin Benzing
    5. Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany), 1989 International
    6. 6-10, 210, 21 years old

    Small forward with a skinny frame but exceptional size for his position. An outstanding shooter with unlimited range. Just an average athlete who may struggle to rebound and defend adequately enough for most NBA coaches.

    1. 54
    2. Andrew Ogilvy
    3. C
    4. Andrew Ogilvy
    5. Vanderbilt, Junior
    6. 7-0, 240, 21 years old

    Big man with good size and solid mobility. Skilled player with nice scoring instincts and passing ability. Lacks significant toughness and could struggle as a rebounder and defender in the NBA.

    1. 55
    2. Latavious Williams
    3. PF
    4. Latavious Williams
    5. Tulsa 66ers, Automatically Eligible
    6. 6-8, 190, 21 years old

    Long and athletic combo forward who is somewhat of a trendsetter. Second in the NBA D-League in per-minute rebounding (15.3 per-40) as a would-be college freshman. Plays hard and has good potential as a defender. Not polished offensively, lacks range on his shot (8 percent three-point shooting) and possesses just an average feel for the game. NBA position is a question mark.

    1. 56
    2. <a href=Greivis Vasquez" title="Greivis Vasquez"/>
    3. PG/SG
    4. Greivis Vasquez
    5. Maryland, Senior
    6. 6-5, 195, 23 years old

    Big point guard with short arms and average athleticism. Exceptionally creative player with a flair for the dramatic. Has a good combination of court vision and scoring ability. Streaky shooter who is fairly turnover-prone. Needs ball in his hands to be successful. Will likely struggle to defend his position at the NBA level.

    1. 57
    2. Derrick Caracter
    3. PF
    4. Derrick Caracter
    5. UTEP, RS Junior
    6. 6-9, 265, 22 years old

    Undersized big man with a good frame. Skilled back-to-the-basket center who has outstanding hands and very nimble feet. Smart player with a nice feel for the game, but he is turnover-prone. Solid rebounder. Background, intangibles may be deemed questionable by NBA teams.

    1. 58
    2. Tibor Pleiss
    3. C
    4. Tibor Pleiss
    5. Köln 99ers (Germany), 1989 International
    6. 7-0, 220, 20 years old

    Late-blooming German big man with excellent size and solid mobility. Runs the floor well and has a frame that will likely fill out in time. Not particularly skilled offensively, but has good hands, a solid mid-range jumper and is a capable finisher around the basket. Pretty good rebounder. Lacks strength and experience in a major way, but could be an interesting prospect to draft and stash in Europe for a few seasons.

    1. 59
    2. Paulao Prestes
    3. C
    4. Paulao Prestes
    5. CB Murcia (Spain), 1988 International
    6. 6-10, 265, 22 years old

    Wide, long and exceptionally strong big man with below average athleticism. Size puts him in a rare category of big men in this draft class. Rebounds exceptionally well (11.8 per-40) in the top league in Europe, which is impressive. Can also score a bit with his back to the basket. May struggle defensively with lack of lateral quickness, and is not particularly smart or active.

    1. 60
    2. Vladimir Dasic
    3. SF/PF
    4. Vladimir Dasic
    5. Real Madrid (Spain), 1988 International
    6. 6-9, 225, 22 years old

    Athletic Montenegrin small forward with outstanding size. Pretty explosive for a European prospect. Talented ball-handler and shot-creator with nice scoring instincts. Possesses very good anticipation skills getting in the passing lanes. Has significant concerns about his character and overall intangibles, and is coming off a very bad season.

    1. 61
    2. Luke Harangody
    3. PF
    4. Luke Harangody
    5. Notre Dame, Senior
    6. 6-8, 251, 22 years old

    Undersized power forward with below-average athleticism. Exceptionally skilled player who was one of the most prolific scorers in college basketball at 22 ppg. Can operate both facing and with back to the basket. Solid rebounder, too. May struggle to get shot off at same rate at NBA level due to poor physical tools. Extremely poor defender who didn't win at college level, despite gaudy stats.

    1. 62
    2. Matt Bouldin
    3. PG/SG
    4. Matt Bouldin
    5. Gonzaga, Senior
    6. 6-5, 214, 22 years old

    Big combo guard with an excellent frame and below average athleticism. Extremely smart player who can make shots, create for others and even see minutes at point guard with his four assists per game. Lacks great slashing ability and needs to play in a certain type of offense to excel. Poor lateral quickness limits his defensive potential.

    1. 63
    2. Mac Koshwal
    3. C
    4. Mac Koshwal
    5. DePaul, Junior
    6. 6-10, 240

    Big, long, strong big man with premium physical tools. Solid athlete who should have no problem seeing minutes at the center position. Tough player who competes hard and is a very good rebounder at 10 per game. Lacks scoring polish and is not all that skilled. Played for a bad team in college but could project as a solid backup.

    1. 64
    2. Dwayne Collins
    3. PF/C
    4. Dwayne Collins
    5. Miami (Fla.), Senior
    6. 6-8, 232, 22 years old

    Undersized big man with an exceptional wingspan. Efficient player at 60 percent shooting, rebounds extremely well on the offensive end in particular and draws quite a bit of fouls. Lacks polish offensively, not much of a post-up threat or a perimeter shooter. Likely better suited to play the 5 spot, but may be too undersized for the position.

    1. 65
    2. Ben Uzoh
    3. PG/SG
    4. Ben Uzoh
    5. Tulsa, Senior
    6. 6-3, 200, 22 years old

    Physical specimen of a combo guard with terrific length and athleticism. Explosive player who is gradually improving his skill level. Must continue to work on ball-handling skills and perimeter shooting. Unselfish passer with developing playmaking instincts. Projects as an outstanding defender. Still has considerable upside.

    1. 66
    2. Samardo Samuels
    3. PF
    4. Samardo Samuels
    5. Louisville, Sophomore
    6. 6-8, 240, 21 years old

    Undersized center with below-average physical tools. Plays below the rim and is not a great athlete. Primarily a post-up player, but was not particularly effective in low post in college. Has good hands and nice scoring instincts, and is a solid offensive rebounder. Can he defend power forwards in the NBA? Probably needs a year or two of seasoning before he's ready to see minutes in the NBA.

    1. 67
    2. <a href=Manny Harris" title="Manny Harris"/>
    3. SG
    4. Manny Harris
    5. Michigan, Junior
    6. 6-5, 170, 20 years old

    Athletic wing player with an extremely underdeveloped frame. Talented slasher who can create shots for both himself and others. Average perimeter shooter and defender. Coming off a so-so year, but very young for his class.

    1. 68
    2. Tyler Smith
    3. SF
    4. Tyler Smith
    5. Tennesse, Automatically Eligible
    6. 6-7, 210, 23 years old

    Athletic combo forward who has fallen off the radar screen after off-court issues forced him to leave Tennessee for Turkey in midseason. Versatile player with a very good feel for the game. Excellent defender and passer. Average shooter who is somewhat stuck between positions. Older than most with some disconcerting red flags that may damage his draft stock.

    1. 69
    2. Lazar Hayward
    3. SF
    4. Lazar Hayward
    5. Marquette, Senior
    6. 6-6, 225, 23 years old

    Small forward with great length. Played primarily at the 4 in college, but lacks size and athleticism even for the 3. Productive, coachable, experienced player with an outstanding feel for the game. Very good shooter and passer. Average ball-handler. Competes defensively. Projects as a solid role player who must find the right situation to excel.

    1. 70
    2. Da'Sean Butler
    3. SF/PF
    4. Da'Sean Butler
    5. West Virginia, Senior
    6. 6-7, 205, 22 years old

    Small forward with average physical tools. One of the most clutch players in college basketball. Versatile player who lacks athleticism but found a way to get the job done at the NCAA level thanks to his competitive spirit and terrific feel for the game. Suffered a serious knee injury in the NCAA tournament that will likely damage his draft stock.

    1. 71
    2. Nemanja Bjelica
    3. SF
    4. Nemanja Bjelica
    5. BC Red Star Belgrade (Serbia), 1988 International
    6. 6-10, 210, 22 years old

    Small forward with great size and below-average athleticism. Operates as somewhat of a point forward thanks to his terrific ball-handling skills and passing ability. Needs ball in his hands to be successful. Average shooter at under 30 percent from beyond the arc and needs to improve perimeter defense. Style of play may be best suited for Europe, but is an extremely intriguing talent thanks to his unique skill set.

    1. 72
    2. Ryan Richards
    3. PF/C
    4. Ryan Richards
    5. Kalise Gran Canaria (Spain), 1991 International
    6. 6-10, 225, 19 years old

    British big man with solid physical tools. Above-average athlete with a great frame. Raw offensive player who has bounced around Europe for years without finding a home. Lacks fundamentals and a great feel for the game, but has intriguing potential and is still extremely young. Could be an interesting player to draft and stash.

    1. 73
    2. Antoine Diot
    3. PG
    4. Antoine Diot
    5. Le Mans Sarthe Basket (France), 1989 International
    6. 6-4, 188, 21 years old

    Big point guard who has improved rapidly over the past few years. Very productive player on one of the best teams in France. Instinctive, competitive player who has improved his shooting and overall skill-level. Still somewhat turnover prone and may struggle to find a position, particularly defensively, in the NBA. Will surely emerge as, at least, an excellent European player.

    1. 74
    2. Jon Scheyer
    3. SG
    4. Jon Scheyer
    5. Duke, Senior
    6. 6-5, 180, 22 years old

    Big point guard with below average length and athleticism. Lacks explosiveness or a great first step. Makes up for that with a high skill level and a terrific feel for the game. Excellent shooter who plays in a very mistake-free fashion. Executes offensively and finds ways to be productive. May struggle defensively at the NBA level.

    1. 75
    2. Marqus Blakely
    3. SF/PF
    4. Marqus Blakely
    5. Vermont, Senior
    6. 6-5, 220, 21 years old

    Super-athletic combo forward with outstanding physical tools. Sports a chiseled frame and highlight-reel explosiveness. Stat-sheet stuffer who excels primarily on the defensive end -- can guard multiple positions, make plays and is a terrific rebounder. Competitive player with a good feel for the game. Lacks any type of real offensive polish, struggles to make shots and put ball on floor. Long-term upside is intriguing nevertheless.

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