July 23, 2009
Players Getting Dunked On
Vince Carter introduces himself to France's Frédéric Weis at the 2000 Olympics.
Willie Warren dunks over Xavier Henry in an AAU game.
An oldie but goodie from former Kentucky star Dirk Minniefield.
Michael Jordan gets the best of Patrick Ewing (again).
Scottie Pippen takes his turn against Patrick Ewing.
Jerome Lane sends it in against Providence.
Baron Davis serves one up to elite shot-blocker Andrei Kirilenko.
Dahntay Jones pushes off, but that's little consolation to Virginia's Nick Vander Laan.
This list wouldn't be complete without Shawn Bradley (starring Tracy McGrady).
This list wouldn't be complete without Greg Paulus (starring Danny Green).
John Starks beats Horace Grant and a late-arriving Michael Jordan.
Clyde Drexler doesn't even notice the beleaguered Memphis State guard.
Mama, there goes that man again: Tom Chambers climbs the ladder on Mark Jackson.
UNLV's Jarvis Basnight leaps over James Gleaves, a 6-3 guard from Pacific.
LeBron, of course, has been on the other end of these dunks -- right, Damon Jones?

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