May 24, 2010
Monday, May 24
The latest news and rumors surrounding The King.
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Before we go any further, just know that we, too, may be fined by the NBA for tampering.

Brown Gets The Boot

Mike Brown, the 2009 Coach of the Year, was fired after five seasons and a 314-177 record with the Cavaliers. Though his dismissal was expected after the title favorites fell to the Celtics in the second round of the playoffs, his exit adds another intriguing piece to the LeBron Sweepstakes. The Cavs have to show LeBron they'll do what it takes to win, and sacking Brown was the first step. The question is, who will take his place, and how much say will LeBron have in choosing the replacement? So far, the leading candidates appear to be Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski (who's publicly stated in the past that he has no desire to coach at the professional level and has even turned down an offer to coach Kobe Bryant and the Lakers), and Phil Jackson (who earned $12 million this season but has yet to sign an extension with the Lakers for next season).

Obama Campaigns For Chi-Town

The POTUS may be residing in D.C. for at least the next few years, but his heart will always be in Chicago. And now he's campaigning to make the Windy City the future home of LeBron. When interviewed by TNT's Marv Albert at the White House, President Obama said "You know, like I said, I don't want to meddle. I will say this: [Derrick] Rose, Joakim Noah it's a pretty good core. You know, you could see LeBron fitting in pretty well there."

Ewing: LeBron will stay put

Ask always-a-Knick Patrick Ewing where LeBron James will wind up and the answer is simple. "Cleveland," is Ewing's standard answer. Clearly, Ewing is not about to risk paying a hefty fine for speaking about LeBron James' future plans. Instead, Ewing made it clear that the home team has an advantage because James can make more money if he re-signs with the Cavs. "The league designed it that way," Ewing added. "If you stay you can make $30 million more. And if you already have a good team, why leave?" ... Ewing lives by the credo of "once a Knick always a Knick," but he won't campaign, sway or advise James on what his next move should be because as an assistant coach with the Orlando Magic, Ewing's loyalty lies with his current employer.

Draftees Make Their LeBron Prediction

And to follow Obama's pitch, here's Evan Turner's, the projected No. 2 pick out of Ohio State. Wes Johnson thinks LeBron to the Bulls will happen, but Xavier guard Jordan Crawford (for more on Crawford below), isn't so sure. As for Paul George, the swingman out of Fresno State who recently worked out for the Bulls, only had this to say: "[LeBron will] probably take all my minutes, but we'll be winning."

Must-See Video

We're a month or so early here, but ... the 2010 King City Classic is coming up. Of course, by that time LeBron may have to travel back to a Cleveland after possibly ditching the Cavs just a week prior when the free agency negotiation period begins. But that's all speculation. And, really, we're only showing this video because A) we can't mention Jordan Crawford and not show it, and B) we want to relive the mass hysteria that followed this dunk in '09. Enjoy.

Wait, What About Wilkens?

But more on LeBron and the Bulls because we haven't discussed that scenario enough yet: What if ... Lenny Wilkens returns, takes over the Bulls and THEN lures LeBron. Just sayin' ...

LeBron Impacting Bosh Now, Too

Chris Bosh reportedly gave the Raptors a list of four teams to which he would accept a sign-and-trade deal: the Bulls, Lakers, Heat and Knicks. And while the Knicks seem like the leading candidates since they could offer more and could send power forward David Lee to Toronto. But Bosh's decision may be heavily influenced by none other than the King. Why? Because of timing: LeBron has made it clear that he plans to take his time in deciding his future. And by taking an extra day or two to mull a Knicks offer, he could put the kibosh on a potential sign-and-trade with Bosh (who would likely want to go wherever LeBron decides to go) and Lee (who could realistically take another offer while waiting for LeBron to make up his mind).

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