August 04, 2011
NBA Players Competing During Lockout
The NBA may be in the midst of a lockout but it hasn't kept many of its big-name players off the court. Here are just some of the highlights of NBA players (and a coach!) on the court in various pro-am and streetball leagues this summer.
Kevin Durant at Rucker Park

Kevin Durant has seemingly become the ring-leader among NBA players in streetball leagues this summer. His appeared at almost all the big courts, from L.A.'s famed Drew League, to D.C. Goodman League and even New York City's legendary Rucker Park, where he casually dropped 66 points. Watch him drain five threes in a row.

Kevin Durant at Nike Pro City

Less than 24 hours after his monstrous night at Rucker, Durant's encore performance was a 41-point showing at Nike Pro City in New York. After tying the game with three at the buzzer, Durant's team, Gold's Gym, won 146-143 in overtime.

Kobe Bryant in Manila

Kobe went to work in Manila with his 2011 Take Every Advantage Tour.

James Harden at the Drew League

Harden went off for 51 in a Drew League game. He had 27 in the first quarter alone.

John Wall at the Melo Center League

John Wall destroyed the competition in Baltimore ...

John Wall at the N.C. Pro-Am League

Kinda like he did in Raleigh.

LeBron James at the Drew League

Evan the King was tempted by all the action in South Central L.A.

LeBron at Cleveland?s City League

But prior to his Drew League appearance, LeBron returned to Cleveland. And as expected, there were plenty of boos.

Brandon Jennings at the Goodman League

The Bucks guard made headlines with his 51-point showing at Barry Farms in Washington, D.C.

DeMar DeRozan, Shannon Brown at the Drew League

DeRozan and Brown showed the Drew League what they do best.

Exhibition game in the Philippines

A bunch of NBA players met up in the Philippines for a star-studded showdown. As just a snippet of what went down, here's Kobe throwing an alley-oop to Derrick Rose.

Nick Young at the Drew League

Nick Young -- yes, Wizards guard Nick Young -- scored 60 points in a Drew League game.

George Hill at Indy Pro-Am

The Pacers guard returned home to score 50 points in an Indy Pro-Am game. He was joined by fellow NBA players Gordon Hayward, Mario Chalmers and Eric Gordon, who nailed a 35-foot buzzer-beater.

Stan Van Gundy at Magic's Youth Basketball Camp

Dude's got skills. So now the burning question is who's better: Stan or Jeff?

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