Donald Sterling is suing his wife in an effort to prevent the sale of the Clippers to Steve Ballmer.
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By SI Wire
June 30, 2014

Donald Sterling's doctors ruled him mentally competent after a recent examination, according to his lawyer Maxwell Belcher.

USA Today's David Leon Moore reports that Dr. Jeffrey Cummings found Sterling showed mild cognitive impairment in line with his age, but did not lack mental capacity. Cummings has been listed by Sterling's attorneys as a possible witness in an upcoming lawsuit seeking to prevent the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to Steve Ballmer.

Attorneys filed new papers on Monday which said that Sterling's wife Shelly had "duped" Donald into meeting with doctors who certified that he was mentally incapacitated so that she would be free to control the family trust which owns the team.

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"Donald should have been properly informed that the doctors were evaluating his legal capacity for purposes of determining his ability to continue to serve as Co-Trustee of the Sterling Family Trust, a position he had held continuously for many years,"

-Brendan Maloy

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