By Rob Mahoney
December 15, 2014

Bucks rookie Jabari Parker made an early exit from Monday's game against the Suns after his left knee appeared to give out from under him. The Bucks announced that Parker suffered a sprained knee and would not return to the game.

Roughly a minute into the third quarter, Parker attempted to make a move past Phoenix' P.J. Tucker in transition. In doing so, his knee buckled unnaturally, sending Parker to the floor and Tucker along with him. You can watch the play in question below, and while it's not especially gruesome, Parker's knee does bend in a way that is not pleasant to watch:

[Video via Andrew Han]

The Rookie of the Year hopeful immediately picked up on the fact that something had gone wrong with his knee and was seen telling his teammates of the issue while laying on the floor. At no point did he attempt to walk off the court under his own power; instead, teammates Zaza Pachulia and Johnny O'Bryant carried Parker into the tunnel for treatment.

If the sprained knee diagnosis holds (and it may be clarified or changed with further examination), it would seem to be extraordinarily good news considering what it likely could have been (i.e. an ACL). Stay tuned for more on Parker's status and where it leaves Milwaukee.

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