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Magic forward/center Nikola Vucevic absolutely punished the Bulls' Pau Gasol on Monday night.

By Rob Mahoney
January 12, 2015

Orlando’s Nikola Vucevic is a semi-frequent dunker, though one enabled by relatively clear space on the occasional roll or duck-in. One particular finish from Monday’s game against the Bulls, however, was met with resistance from Pau Gasol. The result, as with so many great dunks, was a touch of violence.

Vucevic drove in after facing up Gasol in the post. After rising toward the rim, he threw down with force sufficient to spike the ball through the rim and send Gasol to the floor:

Video via Eye on Basketball.

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This is about as loud as Vucevic’s game gets. The Magic center is a fine player in the midst of a career year, though so much of what he produces comes by way of well-positioned rebounding and soft baby hook shots. His occasional forays into the highlight reel tend to come by means of volume more than spectacle -- a 30-point night here, a 20-rebound game there and the odd coincidence of both.

On Monday, Vucevic had it all: Thirty-three points in a win against one of the better defensive teams in the league, 11 boards against an opponent that ranks fourth in overall rebound percentage and a fatal finish against one of the best bigs in the conference.

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The Magic went on to defeat the Bulls 121-114 for a quality road win, with Victor Oladipo also scoring 33. Derrick Rose returned after missing one game due to knee soreness and put up 18 points and seven assists.

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