Report: Oklahoma City Thunder could change logo in 2017

The Thunder could be modifying their logo when Nike replaces Adidas as the NBA’s apparel provider in 2017.
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The Oklahoma City Thunder are talking to Nike about potentially changing their logo for the 2017 season, reports Grantland’s Zach Lowe.

Nike signed an eight-year deal in June to replace Adidas as the league’s apparel provider beginning in 2017.

According to Lowe, Nike wants to overhaul the entire Thunder logo, but the team remains committed to their triangular shield. They may get rid of the streaks that run across their logo, which are supposed to represent bolts, in favor of something more clearly representing weather.

“To some extent, we are committed to the idea we have,” Brian Byrnes, the Thunder’s senior vice-president, told Lowe. “But we would not dismiss good feedback, particularly from Nike. We’re open to modernizing the logo, but we don’t have an appetite to overhaul it.”

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- Kenny Ducey