Mark Cuban took a hard stance on the DeAndre Jordan free agency saga.

By SI Wire
September 22, 2015

Mark Cuban took a hard stance on the DeAndre Jordan free agency saga on Colin Cowherd’s show Tuesday.

Rivers went on Cowherd’s show last week and kept largely mum on the situation that brought DeAndre Jordan back to Los Angeles. Rivers and members of the Clippers went to Jordan's house in Houston to ensure he signed his contract on the first possible day after he initially committed to sign with the Mavericks. Rivers told Cowherd Cuban had “acted very silly” and had handled things poorly.

Cuban, talking with Cowherd Tuesday, offered his own stance, reminding listeners that he had largely been away from the cameras, as Rivers had insinuated, and was far from openly critical beyond his Twitter exchange with respect to Jordan’s apology.

“[Rivers] obviously didn't see or hear what I said, because I didn't say a whole lot,” Cuban said. “I responded to DJ’s Twitter apology and that was about it ... it shows you what someone will do when their entire future is vanishing in front of them ... I give [Rivers] credit for it. His professional life was over, if he didn't get DJ. His back was against the wall and he did what he needed to do.”

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