Mavericks fans were predictably unhappy with DeAndre Jordan when the Clippers came to town Wednesday night.

By SI Wire
November 11, 2015

Mavericks fans were predictably unhappy with DeAndre Jordan when the Clippers came to town Wednesday night.

Jordan, who spurned Dallas in the off-season after committing to sign there, was met with boos from the American Airlines Center crowd as his name was called during tip-off.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had been full of comments in the days leading up to the game and even encouraged fans to have fun and boo Jordan when he took the floor, so long as they kept it clean. Jordan said the boos would not bother him, and that he thought the game would be fun.

And so the boos came.

ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy was critical of the fans on-air for booing Jordan, after cheering for Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy during football games in wake of photos that surfaced of injuries he inflicted upon his girlfriend in May 2014.

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“I would like ... the Dallas fans to acknowledge the sheer lunacy and absurdity that they’re booing Greg Hardy tonight, and they’ll be cheering for someone like Greg Hardy on Sunday. That, to me, is absurd.”

Video of Van Gundy making the comments is below.

Video via FanSided’s Josh Hill

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