Miami Heat guard Tyler Johnson discussed his reaction to signing a $50 million contract this summer. 

By SI Wire
July 25, 2016

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Miami Heat guard Tyler Johnson has a unique reaction after signing a $50 million contract this summer.

Johnson was offered $50 million over four years by the Brooklyn Nets early in July, a contract the Heat decided to match under restricted free agency rules. Upon hearing the offer for the first time, Johnson said he vomited—multiple times.

“I threw up a couple of times when I heard the number go out there. I was in shock,” Johnson told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I even lost a little bit of weight, because just the anxiety of going through that whole process and not knowing where I was going to be.”

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Johnson may have felt even more sick when he found out he could be taking over the starting shooting guard spot after the departure of Heat legend Dwyane Wade. Johnson will compete with the newly signed Dion Waiters for the position.

The Heat originally signed Johnson to two 10-day contracts in 2015 before picking him up for the balance of the 2015–16 season. Johnson played in only 36 games this past year due to mid-season shoulder surgery.

In his career, Johnson has played 68 games, averaging 7.4 points per game while shooting 38.1% from three. 

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