An anonymous NBA scout previews the 76ers for the 2017-16 season.

October 20, 2016

"I think they want to start Jahlil Okafor at power forward and Nerlens Noel at center, but it’s not gonna work. Okafor has to have the block; he’s as good a low-post scorer as there is in the league, but his defense is a glaring flaw. Noel can’t shoot, so his [baskets] are going to come around the rim. It’s going to be a hard, hard match to make work. . . . Joel Embiid is such an unknown too. Everybody says he’s really good, but he’s had two foot injuries, and what’s to say he’s not going to have another one? I have to believe that in the first third of the season, they trade one of their three bigs. It will probably be Noel. He can defend but he’s ­really light in the ass—very thin. Maybe it’s to Boston for a wing player. Philadelphia is just so bad in the ­backcourt. . . . ­Another thing: If Dario Šarić is as good as they say he is as a stretch big, he’s gonna need minutes, too. . . . ­Obviously Ben ­Simmons is going to be a star once he recovers from his [right] foot injury. He’s got guard skills and his vision is incredible for his size [6' 10"]. He’s a great passer, not a very good shooter. He will guard the threes and will do a lot of three stuff, but I can see them playing him at point guard to hide his lack of ­scoring. . . . There are mostly stopgaps on the ­perimeter. ­Gerald ­Henderson improves their backcourt, but he’s not long-term. Jerryd ­Bayless will probably start but he’s not long-term. ­Sergio ­Rodriguez has never had much success in the NBA. T.J. ­McConnell, I don’t like at all. Nik Stauskas has done nothing since he came into the league."

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