“He gets the big bucks and say what the f--- he wants to say,” World Peace said of Jackson.

By SI Wire
December 11, 2016

Lakers forward Metta World Peace, a former Knicks player, weighed in on the recent drama involving Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony like only he could.

In a series of long, colorful answers, World Peace said the public back-and-forth between Jackson, the team’s president, and Anthony, its best player, was “great” for them.

“Melo said, ‘We’re going to stick here, be with the team, we’re not listening to anything on the outside,’” World Peace said at shootaround, according to the New York Post. “That was great, man. And that’s what the Garden needs, man. They need that controversy. They need it, man. When I was there, everybody was so tense. They need that little shakeup. And they’re playing well. They started out rough. And now they’re playing well. And Melo responded, and he’s playing the right way.’’

World Peace also said Jackson has earned the right to say practically anything.

“He don’t care,’’ he said. “He does what he wants. He gets the big bucks and say what the f--- he wants to say. S---. That’s why he gets the big bucks.”

After Jackson called out Anthony for holding the ball for too long in an interview this week, the veteran forward responded with a series of Instagram posts, which he confirmed were about Jackson. He told the media he’d be willing to put the spat behind him, and the two met after the public war of words.

– Kenny Ducey

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