• You thought Lonzo and Lavar Ball were crazy for their $495 price tag on their ZO2s? At least the sneaker comes fully intact.
By Cady Lang
May 05, 2017

This story originally appeared on TIME.com

If you're in the market for a pair of luxe kicks that look like they've seen better days, look no further than Maison Margiela's Future Destroyed high-top sneaker.

The leather sneaker from the Kanye West- and Katy Perry-approved avant-garde fashion label features heavy distressing and a deconstructed design — which is to say, that the finished product looks somewhat like a pair of sneaker that's been fed to ravenous hounds, left in the rain, and then dropped in a sandblaster for good measure.

Neiman Marcus

If this aesthetic sounds appealing, take comfort in knowing that the sneakers can be yours for a hot $1,425, the price it's retailing for at department stores like Neiman Marcus.

Apparently, looking fashionably distressed doesn't come cheap.

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