J.R. Smith to Pay $600 Fine for Chucking Fan's Phone Into Construction Site

In July, Smith allegedly tossed a fan's phone into a Manhattan construction site after the fan tried to take a photo of him.
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Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith will reportedly accept a deal that requires him to pay a $600 fine for tossing the fan's phone into a construction site, according to ESPN.

Smith was issued a desk ticket for misdemeanor criminal mischief, reports ESPN.

On July 26, Smith allegedly grabbed a fan's cell phone and tossed it into a construction zone in Manhattan after the fan tried to take a photo of him.

Smith's lawyer Alex Spiro and Manhattan prosecutor John Johnsen said on Wednesday that they expect to finalize an adjournment-in-contemplation-of-dismissal agreement in their next court date. The point guard was not in court but is scheduled to be appear on Nov. 15 for his arraignment, reports ESPN.

"We have reached dismissal in Cellphone-gate," Spiro joked to reporters on Wednesday.

Smith is entering his 15th season in the NBA. Last year, he averaged 8.3 points and 2.9 rebounds in 28.1 minutes per games.