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Sixers File Trademark Application for ‘Trust the Process’

But the Sixers aren’t necessarily considering selling their own “Process” merch. 

Here’s some news that will make Joel Embiid happy. 

The Sixers have filed a trademark application for the phrase “Trust the Process,” the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website shows. The application was last Wednesday and covers dozens of uses.

The news also raised the eyebrows of former Sixers guard Tony Wroten, who coined the phrase in a January 2015 ESPN article by Pablo Torre.

The application doesn’t necessarily mean that the Sixers are planning to profit off the “Process,” though. Owning the trademark would allow the Sixers to block others from profiting off the phrase. There have been 10 other applications for “Trust the Process” or variations thereof, including one from a Philadelphia brewery and another for “Trust the Masked Process” that was filed during last year’s playoffs when Joel Embiid was wearing a protective face mask.

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