Watch: Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Gets Ejected From Preseason Game on Purpose, Waves Goodbye

After getting ejected from Monday's preseason game against the SSuns, Warriors coach Steve Kerr told officials, "I don't want to be here anyway."
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By the start of the second half, Steve Kerr had enough of Monday's preseason game.

During a matchup against the Suns at Oracle Arena, the Warriors coach grew tired of the game and how it was being officiated and decided to get himself kicked out.

At the start the third quarter, Stephen Curry was called for his second offensive foul of that game, his third overall. After the foul call, Curry then picked up a technical, which was Golden State's second of the game.

It was at that point Kerr had seen more than he could handle. He began arguing with the officials as he came all the way on the court in an attempt to get tossed from the game. After getting called for two immediate techs and getting his wish of an ejection, Kerr told the referees, "I don't want to be here anyway," and waved goodbye as he walked to the locker room.

After the game, Kerr told reporters he was trying to get ejected to make a stand for his players because of all the offensive fouls they had gotten called for.

In the end, the Warriors lost the game 117-109, but Kerr was the first one in line for the postgame buffet.