Brad Stevens on Celtics' Season: 'I Did a Bad Job'

Brad Stevens said this season was "the most trying" of his career and he blamed himself for not finding the best fit for the Celtics roster.
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The Bucks finished off the Celtics Wednesday in Game 5 of their second-round series to advance to the Eastern Conference finals.

Despite winning Game 1 of the series, Boston looked outmatched in the following games as Milwaukee took the series 4-1.

After the season-ending 116-91 loss on the road, Celtics coach Brad Stevens gave praise to the Bucks, noting a lot of their plays would be on the teaching tape for Boston going into next season and adding," they're better than we are ... and it was clear throughout a five-game series."

Stevens also spoke about his performance this season and said, "we let go of the rope, and cracked the rope, probably more than we should have. As far as any year I've been a coach, it's been the most trying ... I did a bad job."

The Celtics had reached the Eastern Conference finals in each of the last two seasons.