Everybody Is Laughing at (or Trying to Solve) Lakers' Coaching Search Drama

Maybe Twitter has the answers the Lakers need to solve their search for a new head coach.
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It all seemed so good in Los Angeles not that long ago.

Sure, Magic Johnson quit as Lakers president of basketball operations right as the season ended. And the team agreed to part ways with coach Luke Walton. But Magic and owner Jeanie Buss were out getting dinner together not too long ago.

And, it seemed like Tyronn Lue and the base of a potential coaching staff were all but ready to commit to the Lakers. There was talk of the former Cavaliers coach having a birthday party themed for the Purple and Gold.

But, here we are on Wednesday. With reports coming out that Lue and the Lakers are no longer negotiating and the team is looking at other candidates.

And fans of every NBA team, including the Lakers, had to share their thoughts on this.

What if it gets to that point?