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Spike Lee Asks 'Basketball Gods' to Give Knicks No. 1 Pick in NBA Draft Lottery

Lee sought divine intervention ahead of this year's NBA draft lottery.

It's been a long time since Knicks fans had something to celebrate, but if the team ends up with the first overall pick, land Durant in free agency and go on to win their first NBA championship in 46 years next season, they might have Spike Lee to thank.

Lee, a life-long Knicks fan himself, took to Instagram on Monday seeking divine intervention ahead of the NBA draft lottery and begged the "basketball gods" to give the Knicks the top pick in this year's draft and ultimately win the Zion Williamson sweepstakes.

"Dear Basketball Gods Of Da Holiest And Most Powerful, Praises Be To Youse," Lee began. "I’m On Bended Knee Awaiting Your Magnificent Blessings. It Is Time Once Again To Receive Youse Divine Touch To Our Orange And Blue Skies."

Lee went on describing his experience watching the Knicks' championship wins in 1970 and 1973 and the feeling he had when New York drafted Patrick Ewing with the top pick in the 1985 draft before praying for Williamson's presence in New York.

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"Isn’t It Ironic That We Call Upon A Biblical Name? ZION. MOUNT ZION. May I Go To GOOD BOOK? In Psalm 87:2-3 It States 'The Lawd Loves The Gates Of Zion More Than All The Other Dwellings Of Jacob, Glorious Things Are Said Of Your City Of God.' Would Be Very Righteous If Zion Dwelled In Da World’s Most Famous Arena On Ya Planet Earth-Madison Square Garden-Da Mecca?"

Lee also asked the "basketball gods" to "drop a hint to KD" and allow him to join New York this summer.

"Dear Basketball Gods Please Take Your Faithful Out Of The Wilderness To The Heavenly Orange And Blue Skies," Lee said in closing. "We Don’t Think That Is Too Much To Ask Considering We Haven’t Had A NBA Championship In 46 Years."

Amen to that.