The Pelicans earned the No. 1 NBA draft pick in the lottery on Tuesday night, and the team's ticket office couldn't be more excited by the news.

The ticket office employees were gathered in what appeared to be a conference room at the Pelicans' offices. After hearing their team earned the No. 1 pick, the room erupted into cheers so loud that it could've rivaled a Mardi Gras parade.

The Pelicans employees jumped up and down, screamed, and a few people even stood on chairs. Their reaction is understandable considering Duke phenom Zion Williamson is predicted to be the top draft pick. This office knows they're about to sell an insane amount of tickets and hit marketing gold.

Pelicans fans got so excited over the prospect of landing Williamson that they broke the ticket office's online chat portal.

New Orleans finished the 2018-19 season with a 33–49 record. After a rocky year filled with drama over Anthony Davis trade rumors, Williamson can help change the team's narrative next season.

If the Pelicans select Williamson with their No. 1 pick, there's about to be a lot more cheering in New Orleans.