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Stephen A. Smith is in agony, and it's no surprise that his pain is once again caused by the Knicks.

The ESPN personality tweeted out a video on Tuesday night shortly after the NBA draft lottery ended, expressing his woes over the Knicks not landing the No. 1 pick. The Pelicans earned the top 2019 pick, which means they're likely to draft Duke phenom Zion Williamson and turn the franchise around.

Knicks fans hoped and prayed, literally, that their beloved team would get the top pick and Williamson. When this didn't happen, Smith reacted like we assume many fans around New York did.

"Typical Knicks, man," Smith said. "They get close. They tease us. Then they wouldn't get it done. I know the Knicks were denying it. I know the Knicks had everybody believing that if they got the No. 1 overall pick they were going to hold on to Zion. But I'm hear to tell you that no matter what they tell anybody, they were thinking about moving their pick for Anthony Davis."

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Smith went on to discuss how the Pelicans have both Davis and Williamson before repeatedly yelling "What do the Knicks have?" He said he hoped to calm down before his show First Take on Wednesday morning, but we doubt that will happen.