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Steph Curry vs. Kevin Durant Is As Good As It Gets: Unchecked

Steph Curry vs. Kevin Durant is the best matchup the NBA has. It also happens to be a showdown between the reigning conference players of the week and the two favorites for MVP.

However, we all know it really matters not due to them going head-to-head, they play different positions after all, but due to the history. People were so mad about KD joining the Warriors because they knew how great he was and they knew how great the Dubs already were with Steph.

Despite the success they had together, the discussion of who was better never seemed to go away. Which is why they are better off separate given their individual greatness can be appreciated more that way. We are talking about at worst two of the top 15 players to ever play the game, and each is only adding to their own legacies.

After it appeared their run was done, Curry has the Warriors looking like contenders again, and that is with the return of his Splash Brother still pending. Meanwhile, Durant has found a team and organization in Brooklyn that became his and is putting up all around numbers while getting buckets at an efficiency that might even make Charles Barkley appreciate analytics.

There are plenty of other subplots given Draymond Green has had words for Durant before, Klay Thompson will eventually be back on the floor this season, James Harden is on a quest for his first ring and whatever may happen with Kyrie Irving.

But watching the special talents of Kevin Durant and Steph Curry on different teams is the reason Nets vs Warriors should be the NBA Finals everyone wants to see.