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Over the last few weeks, the Philadelphia 76ers have become one of the Eastern Conference’s hottest teams. Although they continued to battle through some injuries and COVID-related setbacks, a healthy Joel Embiid put the team on his back and helped them go on a tear.

Before closing out 2021, the Sixers picked up three-straight wins on the road going into the new year. When they took the court for the first time in 2022, the Sixers dominated the Houston Rockets to make it four-straight wins.

Last Wednesday, the Sixers collected their fifth consecutive win with a victory over the Orlando Magic before tying their season-high win streak by defeating the San Antonio Spurs to make it six in a row.

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After getting a few days off, the Sixers exceeded that consecutive win total by grabbing their seventh victory on the road against the Houston Rockets this past Monday. While seven in a row was a promising sight, their win streak was bound to end at some point.

The Charlotte Hornets managed to become the ones to snap Philadelphia’s streak. As the Sixers fell short to the Hornets for the first time this season, they took on their 17th loss of the year at home on Wednesday. However, they bounced back two nights later.

On Friday, the Sixers hosted the Boston Celtics for the first time this year. In their previous two outings against each other, both teams picked up a win and a loss. The Sixers got the upper hand in South Philly on Friday, though, as they snagged a win.

Now, the Sixers are set to face the Miami Heat on Saturday. Similar to the Sixers, the Heat are coming off of a Friday night win as Miami defeated the Atlanta Hawks at home. The two Eastern Conference playoff contenders will battle it out for the second time this season.

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Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.