76ers Veteran Kyle O'Quinn Raises a Valid Point in his Players Tribune Piece

Justin Grasso

Will the 2019-2020 NBA season continue, or cancel? At this point, not a single soul has an answer. Throughout this entire process so far, NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been very transparent. Any questions or concerns regarding the current state of the league have been answered by Silver, whether we like the answer or not.

Obviously, the most important question for the commissioner has been whether the NBA season will come back or not -- but truthfully, he doesn't know. At the moment, the NBA is on a hiatus for at least 30 days due to the coronavirus pandemic. If the CDC suggests everything is even close to being back to normal by then, the league will be back in action.

Seeing as though the country is still struggling to isolate the issue as COVID-19 cases keep growing, the chances of the NBA returning in April is becoming highly unlikely. And while nobody has a crystal ball, it seems the experts have convinced the owners that we would be lucky to have basketball back before July gets here.

At that point, is it even worth it to resume the 2019-2020 season? Selfishly, I want basketball back as soon as possible. After reading Philadelphia 76ers veteran Kyle O'Quinn's latest piece in The Players' Tribune, however, I'm beginning to switch my stance. In his article, O'Quinn raised an excellent point.

"I have hope that the season will come back. I just hope that when we come back, whatever system they come back with — format, game, tournament, whatever they decide to do — is beneficial to everybody. It can’t be one-sided, where if you crown a champion this year, in years to come people say, “Aah, that really wasn’t a championship.” No matter what, it’s going to have some disadvantages for some teams and some players, but hopefully, the big picture will be good for the league."

You can't just bring basketball back to bring it back without satisfying everybody's opinion on the way it should go. Picking up where we left off would be ideal, but at the same time, it may not even be all that necessary. Playoffs were approaching, and that's all that matters at this point. So in a perfect world, playoffs should start right away. At the same time though, it would be unfortunate to exclude teams that might've had a chance to make the postseason had there been a few extra weeks worth of games left.

Whichever format the NBA chooses to come back with if they even come back at all, it has to make everybody happy. If not, then whichever team wins the 2019-2020 NBA Finals will forever have an asterisk attached to their title for this season -- and that was O'Quinn's point from a player's perspective. There's a lot of factors in play here, and the NBA has to make sure they get it right. If not, the conclusion of this season could end up being more of a disaster than it would've been had it ended for good two Wednesday's ago.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_