76ers Rookie Matisse Thybulle is Excited to get Back to Work

Justin Grasso

During the NBA's COVID-19 hiatus, Philadelphia 76ers rookie guard Matisse Thybulle spent a lot of his free time creating videos on the popular app, Tik Tok. While Thybulle had fun getting his creative content juices flowing, the rookie seems ready to back out on the hardwood and start hooping once again.

"More than anything, [I'm looking forward to] being able to play basketball together," Thybulle told Sixers reporter, Lauren Rosen, last week. "Get back out there, get that feel, that chemistry, that flow going that we had. Because we were doing a pretty good job, and we were having a lot of fun doing it. Just to have that feeling back."

In comparison to the last two seasons, the 76ers were somewhat of a disappointment during the 2019-2020 NBA season. Before the season was suspended, the Sixers were ranked as the Eastern Conference's sixth seed. However, Thybulle and many other players within the locker room believed the team was getting ready to turn things around. 

Now, the 76ers will have the opportunity to regroup and make a run for the 2020 NBA Finals in Orlando, Florida, this fall as the season will resume in July. And for the last couple of months, Matisse Thybulle has made sure to keep a steady routine every day to ensure he'll be ready mentally and physically when the team gets back together.

"I wake up, meditate, then eat breakfast," Thybulle explained. "Meditation can be doing something on an app, doing some sort of breathing, or sitting for 30 minutes. It can be all those things. I'm a curious person, so I'll research things. I talk to some of my friends. Around the afternoon, I work out, go for a run, do yoga, that kind of stuff. I need variation. Within each category, [there are] three or four things I can do. It varies."

In addition to personal routines, Sixers players, including Thybulle, have also virtually been in contact with their head coach Brett Brown and the rest of the locker room. While the team wasn't allowed to be together physically during the pandemic -- Thybulle's mentor and teammate Tobias Harris made sure everybody stayed in contact during the hiatus by holding virtual happy hours. Soon enough, though, the team will be back to work getting ready to ramp up training camp 2.0.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_