Michael Rubin's 'All In' Challenge Gains Tons of Traction After Announcement

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The Philadelphia 76ers' Partners haven't been stingy with their money during the NBA's suspension. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sixers' Co-Managing Partners Josh Harris and David Blitzer have made numerous donations, which are in the six and seven-figure range over the last couple of weeks.

Sixers' Partner Michael Rubin might not have been directly involved with Harris and Blitzer's charitable efforts, but he hasn't been quiet on the donation front either. A few weeks back, Rubin transformed his company 'Fanatics' into a medical mask and gown production as supplies were running short in areas located in New York and Pennsylvania.

Then last week, Rubin did something similar by donating 5,000 masks to the Philadelphia Police Department. The Sixers' Limited Partner won't stop there, though. On Tuesday, Rubin announced his most prominent plan yet, which is called the 'All In Challenge.'

With the help of his many celebrity fans, Rubin has powered up a virtual auction, which people can donate to, in an attempt to win a fan experience. For example, Ben Simmons is auctioning off the opportunity for Sixers fans to hang out with Simmons before a game, then watch the 76ers courtside all while getting a VIP experience. 

All of the money generated from the online auction will be donated to several non-profits to contribute to food insecurity in the United States of America. When the auction fired up on Tuesday, $1.4 million was raised, according to Fanatics' website. Since the launch, however, the challenge has generated just over $4 million and counting thanks to the increase in fan experiences being added by notable celebrities and influencers. 

At this point, the challenge has created 41 fan experiences, which are now up for auction. Some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment have gotten involved, such as Tom Brady, Leonardo DiCaprio, Peyton Manning, Kevin Hart, Dwyane Wade, and many more. So far, the challenge has been a success. However, Rubin hopes to see the challenge help contribute at least tens of millions of dollars to the targeted non-profits. 

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_