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On Monday morning, the Philadelphia 76ers re-grouped for another post-preseason practice. With the season-opener just a couple of days away, the Sixers have been in the gym preparing for the New Orleans Pelicans. And lately, they've had the disgruntled All-Star Ben Simmons around after he's held out for the last few weeks.

Simmons isn't necessarily one-hundred percent back in yet for the Sixers. For starters, Philly's head coach Doc Rivers questions whether the star guard is in game shape or not right now. And while the system hasn't changed too much since Simmons has been gone, there have been a few tweaks, which the All-Star has to get used to.

In the eyes of the veteran sharpshooter Danny Green, it shouldn't be too hard for Ben Simmons to get re-integrated back into the swing of things.

"Yeah, it's not that difficult," said the veteran forward. "He's been here for some time. Going two, three weeks without him -- some of these guys played with him for years. So, our offense hasn't changed a bunch. It's predicated around those guys -- him, Tobias (Harris), Joel (Embiid) -- so it hasn't changed much."

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Green mentions that Simmons has played with some members of the Sixers "for years." However, a guy like Georges Niang, who signed with the Sixers a couple of months back when the free agency floodgates opened up, had yet to take the court with Simmons until Sunday afternoon's practice session.

After looking forward to playing alongside Simmons all summer long and finally getting the opportunity to do so over the last two days, Niang discussed how everything's been through the last couple of practice sessions.

"He showed up; he's practiced," said Niang. "We welcomed him in, and that's really how it's been. I don't think anything has really changed. Obviously, he's a part of this team, and we're happy that he's here now. I don't think anybody's really changed. The vibes are still really high, and we're still really excited to push forward and compete for a championship this season."

Many believed it could be awkward in the locker room when Simmons finally showed face after everything that's happened over the last couple of months. But the response from members of the roster over the last couple of days has been primarily positive. While Simmons' status with the Sixers remains unclear at this time, his teammates continue to make it clear that they want him back on the floor as his presence gives them the best shot at winning games this year.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_