In just a couple of weeks, the Sixers and the rest of the NBA will be back in action in Camden, New Jersey for the start of training camp. Sixers guard Ben Simmons previously made it clear behind the scenes that he won't be attending.

Just because Simmons hasn't been around the Philadelphia market, doesn't mean he hasn't been working. Like all of his offseasons, Simmons packed up and moved out to Los Angeles so he could work out with his personal trainer Chris Johnson.

Once again, videos of Simmons hitting jump shots in pickup games flooded the internet sending fans into a frenzy on social media as Simmons has yet to apply a consistent jumper to his game during the regular season.

Because of that, fans found a way to fire shots at Simmons after Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James fired off a subliminal tweet about players working on aspects of their game that they won't actually use in a game setting.

"Why do so many ball players work on stuff they are never going to use in the game??," James wrote. "Serious question. Annoys me a tad."

To no surprise, NBA fans used LeBron's tweet as an opportunity to call out Ben Simmons, who continues working on his jump shot in the offseason but hasn't felt confident enough to let shots fly during the season.

Is LeBron James actually tweeting about Ben Simmons? It's highly doubtful. Ever since Simmons made a name for himself in high school, James has been a mentor and a friend to the Australian star. 

While they haven't been hitting the gym together a lot, Simmons and James still share the same agency and remain close friends off the court. 

So, the chances of LeBron James using Twitter to throw subliminal shots at Ben Simmons for his lack of a jump shot are unrealistic. But NBA Twitter still used it as an opportunity to taunt the three-time All-Star.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.