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Ben Simmons wants the Sixers to find a deal that would send him somewhere else, offering the three-time All-Star a fresh start after a shaky second-round playoff series last season. So far, the 76ers have struggled to find a deal worth their time.

Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets are in a bit of a pickle with their starting point guard as well. As Nets players cannot play home games unless they've received a COVID-19 vaccination, the unvaccinated Irving was deemed ineligible to play in any Brooklyn-based games until he received a dose of one of the vaccines.

Although the Nets found a way to have Irving return to practice in Brooklyn, it was becoming clear that he was only going to be able to be a part-time participant for the team. Therefore, the organization made a tough decision. As long as Irving remains ineligible to play home games, the Nets do not plan to activate him for any games.

With Irving's status for the 2021-2022 season in limbo, many suggest Brooklyn's All-Star guard might need a fresh start of his own. So, the idea of a potential Ben Simmons for Kyrie Irving swap has been thrown out there several times throughout the offseason. 

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In terms of basketball, the move makes sense and could be a win-win situation for both teams -- but there are also red flags involved. So, while a Simmons-Irving swap makes sense, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reveals that it hasn't actually been discussed. 

"In his podcast Saturday, Adrian Wojnarowski spoke about the Nets conundrum over Kyrie Irving’s future, suggesting trading the banished star might be difficult. Indeed, Woj called the market for the seven-time All-Star “dicey” while adding that there are no talks between the Nets and 76ers about a Ben Simmons-for-Irving block buster ... and he doesn’t think the Sixers will ever call." via Nets Daily

The Sixers have had tons of drama to deal with over the years. The Ben Simmons saga this offseason is just another drama-filled situation to add to the list. Washing their hands of the Simmons saga might be in Philly's best interest and will probably become a likely scenario as time goes on, but dishing out the All-Star for Kyrie Irving might be too much of a gamble for them at this time.

As the Sixers are looking to become championship contenders in the Eastern Conference once again, it's in their best interest to avoid a player like Kyrie Irving, who comes with plenty of uncertainty. There is always a chance the Sixers change their minds, but it seems Wojnarowski is confident they'll avoid exploring that deal. 

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_