NBA Rumors: 76ers Could Make a Move for Warriors' Alec Burks

Justin Grasso

Last week, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Atlanta Hawks fired up the trade train. For a while, the market was quiet. But as the deadline creeps closer, the rumors regarding a handful of trades continue to spread around the NBA.

At this point last year, the 76ers were already quite involved in wheeling and dealing in hopes of improving their roster. And by the time the trade deadline hit, Philly already made a handful of moves.

This season isn't as similar, though. Elton Brand and the Sixers' front office aren't as trigger happy. Granted, the trade action was forecasted to be a bit dry this season, but that doesn't mean what we've seen so far is the end-all, be-all.

Deals are coming. And for Philadelphia, they are expected to be buyers before the deadline. A couple of weeks ago, the Sixers were rumored to be in the market for a perimeter shooter. A follow-up report then revealed six names they had their eyes on.

Since then, only one of the six original prospects have been heavily linked to the Sixers, and it just so happens to be the former Sixer, Robert Covington. While the 76ers also shifted focus from pure shooting over to a potential point guard in Derrick Rose, that doesn't mean the Sixers have changed their priorities entirely.

There are going to be perimeter shooters available, and Philly will be wise to continue to search for an upgrade. Perhaps, one of their upgrades comes from Golden State, who will operate as sellers before the deadline for the first time in a long time.

Initially, the 76ers have had rumored interest in Warriors' forward, Glenn Robinson III. Now, they might've shifted their focus onto Warriors' shooting guard, Alec Burks, according to CBS Sports' Michael Kaskey-Blomain. 

As reported by NBC Sports' Monte Poole, the Warriors have been entertaining offers for the 28-year-old Burks. While the Warriors aren't pressing for a deal to get done, Poole mentions that a "move to acquire more assets seems most likely," in regards to Burks.

Considering Burks averages four three-point attempts-per-game, draining 35-percent of them, he fits the mold of what the Sixers are looking for. Plus, the veteran guard averages 16 points-per-game in 42 appearances this year.

As Poole noted, Burks offers the services of being a "versatile wing, a proven scorer, and a mature presence." The Sixers could use all of the above as they attempt to upgrade their bench before the second half of the season.

Plus, Burks' contract is an attractive one, considering how he produces. Although he's only inked to a one-year deal, he's owed a bargain amount of $2.3 million this season. There's some competition for his services, but it sounds like the Sixers are going to be involved. 

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_

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I like Burks. I think that he would help out a lot with this Philly team.