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PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Christmas day is a big deal in the NBA. Every season, the league gets together to handpick a few matchups to broadcast on prime time throughout the day. Only one game gets played at a time. And because of that, the NBA makes sure each matchup involves two teams of high interest within the league.

Over the last few seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers have had the opportunity to perform on Christmas day. This season was no different except for instead of hitting the road; the Sixers were able to host a team this season at the Wells Fargo Center.

For the first time this year, the 76ers were set to play the Milwaukee Bucks. Wednesday's afternoon matchup marked a battle between one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, facing the best team in the East.

With an overall record of 27-4, the Bucks haven't had too many issues with dominating their opponents this season. When it came to the Sixers, though, the Bucks and their reigning MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo caught Philly on one of their best days, which resulted in a whooping on both sides of the ball.

The final score of 121-109 made the game look even closer than it truly was. Once the Sixers caught fire in the first half, Milwaukee didn't actually stand a chance. Although teams have fallen victim to the Sixers' dominance early on in games throughout the year, most squads have found a way to climb back and make it interesting.

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Unfortunately for the Bucks, the Sixers found a way to come together and spoil their Christmas day, turning in what is viewed as arguably their best all-around team performance to date by many. And the viewers aren't the only ones to see that -- the Sixers saw it as well.

Wednesday's performance was "for sure" the best the Sixers have played as a team all year, according to their superstar center, Joel Embiid. While Embiid believes his team still has a long way to go, he makes it very clear they are only going to get better. With a big win like that over the NBA's best team, they made a statement that puts the rest of the East on notice.

Sixers' head coach Brett Brown mentioned before that he doesn't believe his team will fully come together until Christmas. Ironically enough, they put on what he views as one of the best performances his team has put on all year on Christmas day.

Can the 76ers continue to perform at such a high level? That remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, though. If the Sixers consistently match that same intensity, they will quickly morph into the Bucks' biggest threats in the East.