76ers' Mike Scott Defends Philly Boobirds

Justin Grasso

When it comes to fandom, Philadelphia 76ers supporters can confuse an outsider who is looking in. Typically, Sixers fans will defend their team to opposing fans no matter what, but they won't shy away from voicing their real opinion on the team, whether it's a positive thought or a negative one.

76ers veteran forward Mike Scott understands the mindset of Philly fans. Other players do as well, but not everybody warms up to the idea that one game you can get MVP treatment -- but the next game get booed off of your own court.

You could consider Philly fans to be loyal, but with loyalty comes a harsh reality. The fans care so much that if the team is playing bad, they will make it known in hopes that the team steps up and tries to turn those boos turn into cheers. In Mike Scott's words: "[Philly is] gritty -- It ain't soft." 

 No player likes getting booed -- especially on their home court. Mike Scott, however, sees it from the fan's standpoint. And as he recently joined the 'Let's Talk Battle Rap' podcast this week, Mike Scott explains how he feels about the Philadelphia boobirds.

"I'm a logical person," Scott says. "I try to understand both sides. Our side, of course, we're not trying to come out here and be a**. But sometimes we have bad games. And from their side, 'Don't be a**. We paid our money; we're hard-working people in the city of Philadelphia. Gritty, blue-collar people who paid our hard-earned money."

Philly fans should expect nothing less from Mike Scott. Although the veteran forward struggled during his first full season in Philadelphia this year, Scott's understanding of the city and the fan base has earned him tons of respect from Sixers fans. And if you ever wondered why Philly fans cheer so hard for the reserve -- now you've got your answer. Mike Scott understands Philly.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_