Over the years, Daryl Morey built a reputation of rarely using draft picks. He typically packaged them to acquire veteran pieces to bolster his roster in hopes of competing for a championship. 

Since joining the front office in Philadelphia, this has not been the case. Not only has Morey walked away with a batch of young talent in each of the last two drafts, but his selections in the 2020 draft look better with each passing day. 

Draft night 2020 was when Morey made his presence known in Philly. Although he hadn't been with the organization long, he revamped the Sixers almost overnight. 

Many focus on the trades he made, swapping Al Horford and Josh Richardson for Danny Green and Seth Curry, but he also made three picks in that night's draft. 

Those picks became Tyrese Maxey, Isaiah Joe, and Paul Reed. Despite no Summer League and minimal training camp, all three rookies managed to impress in year one. 

The Sixers getting Maxey at pick 21 was agreed to be the steal of the draft, and he didn't take long showing people why. Anytime Maxey got the chance to step out on the floor and showcase his game, he did not disappoint. 

No moment was ever too big for the Kentucky guard. Even in the bright lights of the postseason, the rookie managed to deliver some big moments. 

Reed's emergence came with the Delaware Blue Coats during the G-League. The 58th overall pick was one of the G-Leagues top players and led the Blue Coats all the way to the championship game. When all was said and done, Reed walked away with Rookie of The Year and MVP honors. 

Joe did not get much opportunity in year one but still showed some nice flashes. When the team was hit hard by health and safety protocols, it allowed him to see some extended minutes. In that time, Joe proved that he has the potential to develop into a three-and-D role player at the NBA level. 

Fast forward to this offseason, and the trio continues to impress. Maxey, Joe, and Reed have been the biggest standouts for the Summer Sixers in Vegas over the past week. They have had multiple impressive showings as they prepare for their second season in the NBA. 

The Sixers' coaching staff should be more than pleased with what they've seen from the 2020 draftees in the Summer League. All three are building momentum leading up to training camp, where they will have a chance to compete for a spot in Doc Rivers' rotation. 

Finding prospects that can contribute in the second round is tough, but Morey managed to find two in one night. Based on what they've shown in their short NBA tenures, it won't be long before all three players are contributing for the Sixers on a nightly basis. 

Kevin McCormick covers the Philadelphia 76ers for South Jersey's 97.3 ESPN and Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @KevinMcCNBA.