Sixers' Brett Brown Doesn't Want to Overuse Alec Burks, Glenn Robinson III

Justin Grasso

Months before the NBA Trade Deadline approached, many knew the Philadelphia 76ers needed to make a move. They needed shooters -- guys who could not only score from beyond the arc, but also create their own shot from mid-range.

The Sixers were linked to a ton of prospects for weeks and finally struck a deal on the day of the deadline. After sending multiple second-round picks to Golden State, the Sixers received two shooters in Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson III.

There were expectations that both guys could come in and immediately contribute. So far, both have had their fair share of production on the Sixers since they've arrived. But is Sixers' head coach Brett Brown not utilizing his new weapons enough?

When Alec Burks was with Golden State, the 28-year-old averaged nearly 30 minutes-per-game in 48 matchups. In five games with the Sixers, he has played in about 19 minutes-per-game so far. As for Robinson, he started all 48 games in Golden State, while averaging 31 minutes-per-game. In Philly, that number is down to 14 in six games.

Reduced minutes for both players was to be expected, considering the Sixers are stocked with healthier and more talented prospects than the Warriors had this season. The difference in the numbers, however, is quite significant. And at this point, one of the trade acquisitions isn't very clear on his role with the team.

Recently, Glenn Robinson III sat down with Basketball Insiders' Spencer Davies to discuss his confusion with the 76ers, as he claims his role on the team wasn't necessarily explained to him. "To play consistent minutes a night and perform well [for the Warriors]. . . That's the most disappointing part about coming here," Robinson said as he explained his frustration due to a lack of playing time with the Sixers.

"When you come [to Philly], your role's not really explained," he continued. With the way things have shaken up over the last couple of weeks for the Sixers because of trades and injuries, the plans have changed a bit as Brett Brown had to adjust accordingly.

While Robinson claims he unaware of why or what caused his dramatic regression of minutes with the Sixers, Brown recently explained that overusing new talent could be equal to misusing them.

"I think it's a coaching mistake," Brown said in terms of 'overdosing' new players with playing time or team knowledge. "I think that less is more for sure with new guys. You just want to keep them not dizzied with information. None of us react well if you got so much swirling around in your head. It's cleaner and easier to have a chance to master simple if simple equals less -- I'm convinced of that."

While Brett Brown makes a valid point, patience seems to be wearing thin for the two former Warriors already. Considering they were both having career-years in Golden State, the fact that they slowed down their progress while coming to a contender that's actually struggling in a sense seems to be frustrating.

With a healthy roster, Brown might've been able to get away with easing these guys into their own roles. At this point, though, the Sixers' coach has to start utilizing them more, not only for Robinson and Burks' sake but for the team's as well. The Sixers gave up future assets for temporary upgrades, so they need to make sure it pays off.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_

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Its tricky because the 76ers need these guys to bring some offensive life onto the court.