The Sixers did a great job revamping the roster this offseason in more ways than one. Along with finding players that fit, the Sixers also found veterans that know what it takes to win. 

Danny Green and Dwight Howard were both fresh off winning a title with the Lakers in the bubble. That experience and veteran leadership is something Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons haven't had around them since joining the league. 

Now that the playoffs are in full swing, the value of veterans like that only increases. Then things took a turn for the worst in Game 3 against the Hawks. Danny Green suffered a calf injury and was unable to return. 

The Sixers will now be without Green for at least two to three weeks as he recovers. He likely won't rejoin the team on the floor unless they reach the NBA finals. 

Losing Green is a huge blow for the Sixers. Not only does this weaken the starting five, but the team is now without one of their vocal leaders on the floor. 

Doc Rivers touched on how impactful this injury is after practice on Sunday. 

"That's a tough one let's be honest. He's so important. He says so many good things around our guys. He's been through every possible playoff situation, that he's such a great voice for us. That one hurt us no doubt," said Rivers. 

While Green cannot take the floor with the team, he can still be a leader behind the scenes. Rivers said Green went back to Philadelphia for treatment but plans of having him back with the team on the sidelines. 

"We're going to bring him right back. We want him around. I'm telling you, he's very important. We're hoping he can give us as much as he can with his voice," Rivers said Sunday. 

Players have spoken to Green, and he remains in great spirits. George Hill said Green texted the team and told them to take care of business and that he'll be back soon. 

Still having Green around as a leader on the sidelines is a positive. He can still be there for guys to lean on when games start to go astray. The young players will also have him to talk with when they are not on the floor. 

Green has been an unsung hero for this team all season. The team hopes they haven't seen the last of him in uniform this season. 

Kevin McCormick covers the Philadelphia 76ers for South Jersey's 97.3 ESPN and Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @KevinMcCNBA.