Lonzo Ball Gets Honest on JJ Redick Being Coach of the Lakers

Should JJ Redick be the next coach of the Lakers?
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While the Los Angeles Lakers have not chosen their next head coach yet, the early reports are stating that JJ Redick may be one of the favorites. He's also one of the more controversial options as well, but Lonzo Ball believes that JJ is a good pick.

On the newest episode of Lonzo Ball's podcast called The WAE Show, Ball revealed his thoughts on JJ Redick potentially becoming coach of the Lakers.

"I played with JJ, I know him personally. I told you, he's one of the smartest people I know," Ball said. "I don't think that's a bad move at all. He already cool with Bron. He played for a minute, too. It's not like he was just in the league, he actually put in real time."

The biggest problems with JJ Redick being head coach of the Lakers is more with the fact of both how new he is, and how much players on the team would respect him. The Los Angeles Lakers aren't exactly in a situation to wait for a coach to get acclimated and are very much in a win-now mode. It wouldn't exactly be fair to JJ Redick to have such a hot seat from the moment he lands it, but it would give him major experience.

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The Lakers have some major decisions to make this offseason, but so do the Chicago Bulls. It'll be interesting to hear Lonzo Ball discuss that as well on his podcast.

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