Beilein, Cavaliers Reportedly Remain In Search Of Solution

Sam Amico

It seems like John Beilein and the Cavaliers are headed for a quick split. In fact, it's hard for many around the league to envision Beilein remaining with the Cavs even for their next game, Friday at Washington.

Here is a quick look at the most recent reports:

  • Beilein was expected to meet with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert to discuss his options on Monday, according to The Athletic. Beilein signed a five-year contract before the season. He had spent 41 years in the college game. This has been his first go-round in the NBA at any level. 
  • It is not yet known if he actually met with Gilbert or how that meeting went. Gilbert, of course, is recovering from a stroke suffered in May. He is said to be progressing well but is walking with the assistance of a cane and support dog. He also does not yet have full use of his left arm. But he has returned to work at Quicken Loans in Michigan and will undoubtedly play a large role in the final Beilein decision.
  • Per ESPN, friends and associates have described Beilein as decidedly unhappy with his move to the Cavs. "The losing that comes with a rebuild, as well as several skirmishes in public and private with players, has played a part in the rapid deterioration of tenure," ESPN reported.
  • ESPN added that Beilein is expected to meet with GM Koby Altman. That meeting may have also taken place Monday. If not, that face-to-face is undoubtedly coming before the Cavs tip off Friday.
  • Also, per Tom Withers of the Associated Press: "While there has been no decision made about Beilein’s future, the team plans to reconvene this week following the All-Star break as players, coaches and executives return from much-needed retreats."
  • Since the start of the season, Beilein has appeared a bit rattled by the lack of practice time at the NBA level. Unlike other college-to-pros coaches such as Boston's Brad Stevens and Oklahoma City's Billy Donovan, Beilein was immediately tasked with a rebuilding situation. 
  • In college, you typically practice at least four days a week with a long preseason. In the NBA, you're lucky to get two practices a week. It's more like one. That is tough for a "teacher" such as Beilein.
  • Along with with everything else, Beilein's son, Patrick Beilein, resigned from the head coaching position at Niagara in October, citing personal reasons. Patrick Beilein hadn't yet coached a game at Niagara. According to The Athletic, that situation has taken a toll on the Cavaliers coach.

Basically, the Beilein situation may not be resolved until the middle of the week, perhaps even after that. One thing the Cavs (14-40) do not want is for it to drag on and create a major disconnect with the players in an important season of trying to build a positive culture.

Right now, clearly, there are no definitive answers for the organization.

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He needs to resign or be other options now. He was already lost the vets earlier and how are the kids going to respect a guy that is not 100% with them? Typical unhealthy Cavalier situation led by Gilbert and his bad hires. Altman can be replaced as well. Put Bernie B. in charge in the interim until they find a full-time real GM and VP. Gilbert needs to move out of the picture. I noticed the Warriors and Thunder have assistant GM's and VP's. Look to success to reshape this train wreck!

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