Hawks GM Schlenk confident with draft preparations

Sam Amico

Despite circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk seems to feel confident he's prepared for the draft.

“I feel like we’ve talked to every player in college basketball,” Schlenk told Chris Kirschner of The Athletic. “Our (meetings) usually last between 30 to 45 minutes. We haven’t interviewed any player twice up until this point. We have set up as many interviews as we can. We probably do 12 a week or so. Usually, we do four days a week. So about 16 guys, but we probably average around 12 or 13.”

The Hawks (20-47) owned the NBA's fourth-worst record at the hiatus. Schlenk is a former Golden State Warriors assistant GM and it would not be surprising if he is trying to build the Hawks in the Warriors' image.

There has been talk the draft will be held in late September. There may or may not be a pre-draft combine ahead of time -- though the league is reportedly hoping to have at least an abbreviated form of one.

It is not known if non-playoff teams will be included should the NBA decide to resume the season.

“My message has been that it feels like we’re gaining positive momentum,” Schlenk said. “So it’s time to start changing our mental mindset from hiatus status to we’re coming back and to also start ramping up our workouts because we don’t want to be in a situation where we come back and we have a bunch of soft-tissue injuries because guys are out of shape."

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