NBA contemplating baseball-like sets of games for next season

Sam Amico

The NBA could institute a schedule for next season where teams would play regular-season "series" in the same city, similar to the format used by Major League Baseball, as relayed by Jabari Young of CNBC.

Such an arrangement would primarily consist of back-to-back games between the same opponents in the same arena.

NBA executive Byron Spruell admitted to Young that the league is considering the idea, learning about potential enhancements to the schedule as it watches play inside the Orlando bubble.

"The NBA is paying attention to why competition is fresh and exciting, and it’s partly due to the lack of travel, which takes a toll on players’ bodies," Young reported. "The league tried to adjust the schedule over the years but has yet to find a cure for 'load management.'"

For now, the league is targeting an early December tipoff to the 2020-21 season, though that date could be pushed back to Christmas Day or perhaps even MLK Jr. Day in the middle of January.

Either way, modifications to the schedule appear to be on the way. The goal, of course, would be to return games to home arenas and have each team again play 82 games.

“With change and opportunity comes innovation and experience,” Spruell told Young. “So, having this experience around being on a campus, with health and safety first – there are a lot of learnings that make you think about, and if we’re ever able to get back to 82 games in-market, that’s great."