Cavs' Gilbert: All is well with LeBron

Ashish Mathur

Dan Gilbert will forever be known as the owner of the Cavaliers' first championship team.

He also drew some fame (and the occasional criticism) for a letter he once wrote to LeBron James. Gilbert appeared on the ESPN Cleveland radio Tuesday, before the raising of the championship banner, to discuss his relationship with the King of Cleveland basketball.

"I think everybody learns every day in the decisions they make and the things they do," Gilbert told the radio station. "It was just a whole different feeling from Day 1 [when James came back in 2014]. Keep in mind that we just had one bad night in five years that we were here with LeBron -- remember the first two [years James played in Cleveland], Gordon Gund ran and owned the team."

Gilbert continued, "But we never had a bad day until the way it ended. And as bad as it was, it was one day, it was one night and everybody is a grown man and obviously we focused on the job here. And sometimes things happen for a reason, right? You just never know it at the time."

So, it seems, the hatchet has been buried for some time. Either way, Cleveland fans probably don't really care. A championship is, after all, a championship.