Bulls Bench Players Recall 1990s Dynasty With 'Iconic Frontman' Jordan

Sam Amico

What was it like to play in reserve on a team starring Michael Jordan and having a shot to win a championship nearly every in the 1990s?

“Jordan was the frontman of the biggest, most iconic rock group,” former Bulls center Scott Williams told Sports Illustrated's Ben Pickman. “We were the backup singers.”

Pickman interviewed a number of former bench players, who go into detail on playing alongside (or backing up) Jordan. That era of Bulls is all the rage with the airing of the wildly popular "The Last Dance" documentary.

"When I got picked, I was like, 'I’m going to play with Michael Jordan,'" former backup center Will Perdue told Pickman."It wasn’t necessarily, 'I was going to play for the Bulls.'"

Perdue said he went by the nickname "Cosmo Kramer," after the popular Seinfeld character. But Jordan often referred to him as "Will Vanderbilt," saying that Perdue wasn't good enough to be named after a Big Ten school.

In other words, playing with Jordan often meant having thick skin and ability to withstand getting called out if you weren't performing.

"There were a lot of talented guys at that training camp that didn’t make it because they weren’t mentally tough," former Bulls reserve guard JoJo English told Pickman. "But I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything in the world."

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