NBA Draft Could Be Moved To Late Summer Or Early Fall

Sam Amico

It's hard to know when the NBA will resume, but it's a safe bet the draft won't be held on June 25.

For now, that is the scheduled date. But the coronavirus outbreak has suspended the season and left finishing it in doubt.

That impacts the draft, and according to ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski, about the only way the draft will be held in June is if the season is canceled altogether.

"Any scenario where the draft happens, it's very likely going to be still be at the back end of the playoffs, and you would still have a time when you would have the draft and free agency," Wojnarowski said on SportsCenter. 

"So potentially if the season is resumed at some point and the league is playing in July and August and maybe even into September, it's possible you don't have a draft and free agency until those Finals are over."

With the NCAA cancelling all postseason play, a lot of college prospects are already declaring for the draft.

A lot of prospects also didn't get the opportunity to showcase themselves during the NCAA tournament, which can change the draft fortunes -- both good and bad -- of those hoping for a big NBA payday.

But assuming the virus eventually subsides, the league is hopefully of completing the season, perhaps even if it means doing so in late September.

"It feels like in talking to people around the league, the only scenario you would have a draft on June 25 is if you've already decided to not play any more of the NBA season," Wojnarowski said. "They hope and believe that that won't be the case because it's going to be nearly impossible to have a draft while the playoffs have started. 

"As long as there's any teams still playing, you're not going to be able to do trades. And it's hard to have a draft night without teams feeling they could trade more than draft picks. Most deals, there's players involved."

It is yet to be determined if the league will still hold its annual lottery prior to the draft.

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