Williams: Lakers are in need of good fortune on Christmas Day

Brandon Williams

The past two weeks have not been good for the Los Angeles Lakers. After taking a 126-111 drubbing by the Houston Rockets, the Lakers swooped into Charlotte to pound on the lifeless Hornets, only to lose three out of their last four games.

Mind you, those three losses are at the hands of the Washington Wizards, Brooklyn Nets, and Memphis Grizzlies. All of whom did not possess a winning record prior to facing each other.

Making matters worse, the Lakers are the marquee event on Christmas day as they travel to take on the Golden State Warriors featuring the likes of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, both who seemingly have had their share of LeBron fatigue to last a few years.

The timing of this does not bode well for a squad still dealing with lineup issues a quarter into the season with the re-addition of Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram back into the fold.

The Lakers fell into the classic trap game against the Grizzlies. Doing their best not to look ahead to a prime time, box office event such as the Christmas Day matchup, they squandered opportunities to close out a Grizzlies team who had lost five straight.

Here's where it gets troublesome for the Lakers. After the Warriors, their next five games are against the Sacramento Kings (twice), Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder. All teams will be above .500 compared to the watered down schedule they have faced for much of the season.

Could the Lakers possibly lose their next six games?

How would Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka respond should this occur? Will Johnson's declaration that Luke Walton be safe for the year still hold true?

So many questions, but the Lakers are forced to answer as it only gets more real from this point on.

For years, the NBA season truly begins after Christmas. The Lakers are in a precarious position to show us who they really are, and where they stand among the madness.